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Doc – K.D. Robichaux

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Dr Neil Walker, MD, MFT, Ph D
I’m not your average therapist. As the founder of Imperium Security—the cover for my mercenary team—I’ve dedicated my entire life to helping heal those who’ve had their power unwillingly taken from them and avenging the ones who didn’t survive.

A decade after creating the perfect team, I’ve now watched as every one of my brothers-in-arms has met and married their perfect match, the special women who were meant for them—because not just any woman is cut out to be the wife of a mercenary. And it was through one of these matches I finally met The One, the woman of my dreams, the one I’ve sworn to help heal and protect above all others.

Astrid Quill, Makeup Artist
It was only supposed to be for the weekend, but then all hell broke loose, and I went from just staying with Doc so my sister could have a worry-free romantic getaway with her honey, to living with him for an entire year.

Oh, boo-hoo, poor me, trapped in this amazing, state-of-the-art mansion with a dog who loves the hell out of me. And not trapped because Neil won’t let me go. Heavens, no. Neil is dreamy and a real-life hero, and he tries everything to help me step foot back into the world. It’s a self-imposed prison, because nothing good ever came of me being out in the wild.

I made a promise nearly a decade ago that I’d never let myself fall in love again. Love brought pain, both emotional and physical, and the last time I was in love, I barely escaped with my life. But I’m finding it harder to resist this magnetism between us, especially when he makes it perfectly clear he wants me and only me.

No, Doc isn’t your average therapist.
So is he the one man who can not only save me from my past, but also heal my heart? 

I’d like to thank K.D. Robichaux for sending em an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated. So this is a novel in the Club Alias world I have read Seven, Knight and a few novellas in this world and it was my absolute favourite world to be in.

This author certainly knows how to write BDSM, she is an amazing writer and she has such a way of pulling you into her world and just loving her characters, they find a way into your heart and you become obsessed with the characters and that totally happened with these characters for me it started with Seven and I got hooked and since reading that book I’ve wanted Doc to have his own story which I knew Kayla was working on and when it finally came. Doc was worth the wait.

Doc is amazing, that is my one word to describe him. He is absolutely amazing and I love him. He is so sweet and caring and loving and the way he cares for everyone including his patients. I love his back story and how he became a therapist it explains everything about him so perfectly. I want my own Doc he’s amazing and lovely and he’s just I want a Doc too.

Astrid we first meet her in Seven as she is Twyla’s sister who is running away from her abusive husband this one is set a year later where she is still living with Doc and she’s trying to heal from her past. It’s a slow road.

Throughout the story we see Astrid change and heal with the help of Doc and she makes such great progress trying to recover from her abuse. I love the progress she makes and I love that we get to see the change in her straight away. It was nice to see her heal, but also as she learns to love herself and lets herself fall in love with Doc.

Doc and Astrid’s relationship holy macaroni, I literally can’t explain how much I love their relationship. The way it changed and grew and that Astrid finally letting herself be loved by Doc. I loved the pet names between them and that Astrid called Doc Viking it suited so much. I love that her name was Godess they fitted so well and were perfect for each other.

So one of my favourite scenes in this book was when Astrid asked Doc to get her books out of the garage and find a space for them. And our favourite men only goes and clears half of his shelves just so Astrid can display her books and makes a little reading nook and it’s honestly so cute because I only wish someone would do that. It’s lovely.

There’s so much that happened in this book and I love it but I also don’t want to spoil because believe me you need to read this story yourself.

Doc and Astrid are a perfect love story, and one you do not want to miss.

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