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Lust – Ker Dukey

The Elite Seven. 


I was born with wealth, athletic ability, and looks that could melt the panties off a nun.
I had a clear path to success. 
Until fate dealt me a cruel blow, leaving me empty and in need of purpose. 
My only focus now is to become part of The Elite—a secret society in one of the most prestigious colleges in the world. 
But everything comes at a price, and with The Elite, you have to earn your place.
Lucky for me, being sinful is in my DNA. 
The only obstacle to full initiation is my task: seduce the un-seducible, the forbidden, and lure her with the sins of the flesh.
Easy for a man like me…in theory. 
She started as my task, but what happens when the lines between lust and love blur, and the need for power rages war with the need for her? 
Accept your sin wisely, for the tasks given to earn your place are not for the weak—they’re for The Elite. 
This is my life, my chance, my legacy.
I am Rhett Masters.
I am Lust.

I’d like to thank Ker and Terrie her PA for an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated.

Rhett I loved him, the beginning of this book broke my heart for him losing his baby brother Robbie and then him thinking it was his fault. He was an interesting and complex character despite losing his brother he was more interested in self-destructing that was until he set his sights on the Elite and Chastity. I felt he had an interesting story with working out what happened the night his brother died and the main reason why he was sent to pick his brother up. I loved the relationship between his mum and I was so glad when they made up. I also loved that Rhett scared the shit out of his dad.

Chastity, I liked her as a character, she was very one dimensional. I really didn’t think as a reader we got to know her which I think other than the 7 deadly sins we don’t really know many of the side characters which was one of my issues. I felt if this character was going to be introduced that a little more attention could have been placed on her. I have to say I really enjoyed the Romeo and Juliet book and then the fact she gave Rhett a USB with her reading on it that was super cute.

I loved his friend God. I can’t wait for his book!

So the concept of these books sounded amazing, the description pulled me right in and it’s the same for the other books in the Elite series and they are all going to be realising over the next few weeks. It was an interesting concept and I liked what the book was trying to do, but I felt some things were only brought in as a half. I wish we had more Rhett and his mum or Rhett and Chastity it felt a little too fast and that we didn’t really know much.

Despite all of this I am of course going to read the next book in the series when it comes out!

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