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Puck Performance – Alley Ciz

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All’s fair in love and potatoes. 

Melody Brightly

Broadway Star.
Pink hair.
A smile that hits me harder than a slap shot.
Terrible taste in hockey teams.
Full of secrets.
The one woman I fail to defend my heart against.

Jase Donnelly

Sexy as puck.
Makes my hormones give a standing ovation.
The one guy I can never be with, but can’t stay away from.

Our sexy as puck hero may have helped name The Coven but he’s about to meet his match in PUCK PERFORMANCE- BTU Alumni #4. He might exaggerate so much he’ll end up in the sin bin and there’s a chance she’ll burst into song, but they’ll have you laughing and speaking in shouty capitals. No potatoes were harmed in this HEA-guaranteed interconnected stand-alone 

I’d like to thank Give Me Book promotions for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated. This is book number 4 in the BTU Alumni series and I’ve read Power Play, Tap out, and Sweet Victory. I loved them so I was very excited when I went into Puck Performance because I love Jase.

Melody I loved her she was sweet and she fitted right into the coven when she finally gets in I love her and she started off very intriguing especially how she didn’t really want anything to do with Jase it got me so intrigued about her. I loved her character. I was shocked as hell at the secret she was hiding definitely not something that needed to be a secret but I completely understood.

Jase. I have loved Jase ever since we first saw him way back in Power Play when he was all super protective over his baby sister dating someone from his team and honestly just seeing him and Jordan together in these scenes just made me smile. I love how much he loves his sister as well as his group of friends and how close he is to Rocky despite them being broken up and just how supportive they all are of each other.

Jase and Melody I loved their relationship it was so cute and oh my god all the potato reference. Who knew they were so many but believe me these two managed to find that many. The chemistry between them was so cute and they just drew each other. I have to say when they were together I loved it but when they broke your heart they definitely broke it.

One of my favourite things in this series is the texting chains we get they never fail to make me laugh and I think I could just read a whole book made out of text chains because the Coven and even the fake Coven make me laugh so much. I love how we get their text names because that is very helpful especially as with each book the group gets bigger and bigger.

One of my favourite scenes is when Jase goes to the coven for help, well mainly his twin. I just love how he isn’t afraid after he’s messed up, of course, to go and ask for help. I loved Jase getting weirded out by Jordan and Jake doing the dirty I think it’s hilarious and one of my favourite scenes.

One of the things that did come up throughout the novel was how Jase thought he wasn’t as good as Ryan and everyone was comparing Jase to Ryan. I really liked that Jase eventually opened up to Ryan and they spoke about how he was feeling and they put it all too bed. I loved that scene.

Overall as per usual with Alley’s stories and characters I fell in love with these characters and I never want to leave this world.

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