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Resurrection – Wendy Million

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Never let them know your weakness.

Finn Donaghey is on the run. Rescued by Carys Van de Berg, his old flame, Finn is searching for a way to start over after losing everything in a bloody shootout. The one person he knows he can’t be around? Carys. He’s too rough, too dangerous, too lethal.

Carys saved Finn on instinct, unable to consider a world without him in it. Now, she must decide what to do with him. His quick temper almost got her killed once, and she has no desire to repeat that mistake.

While Carys has been helping Finn, someone has been helping themselves to Carys’s business. When the danger lands on her doorstep, Finn won’t rest until she’s safe again. As their feelings from the past and present mingle and danger lurks around every corner, their fiery chemistry threatens to consume them both.

I’d like to thank Wendy for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated I read the first book Retribution and loved it! Broke my heart and fixed me all in one. When that book ended I was gutted because I wanted Finn to be okay and have a nice life and then I found out there was going to be a second book and I’d get to know that. But let me tell you. I just finished the book. I DID NOT GET TO KNOW THAT. I did not sign up for this pain and heartbreak and crying and it’s what I got. Again never be more annoyed that a book ended. Like I’m happy we’re eventually going to get another book but the wait will kill me.

Finn in the first book he was an asshat but a loveable asshat in this book I just fell even more in love with him. It was so nice reading in his pov and seeing how much he loved Carys and just wanted to protect her even before they got together properly in the book. Just the little things, and how he thought staying away from her was best. Those little things told a whole story of how he just wanted the best for her.

Carys has been through shit in her life but she’s managed to get past it and move on almost all of it except Finn. He’s the one person that forever is in the back of her mind, because deep down they both know they end game. Carys story broke my heart of how the original attack actually happened and her stepping in front of that knife for Finn and then having miscarriages and slowly losing her hope to be a mother it was heartbreaking.

So much happened in this book and so much I don’t want to say because trust me you do not want to be spoiled in this book it throws so many twists and turns. It settles you in and then slap something else happens and you don’t know what the hell is happening. I loved how Wendy manages to construct the plots and subplots so easily and line up to actually make sense and still not even see them coming. She’s honestly so brilliant and I love it.

The writing is amazing it draws me into the story immediately, she writes great characters that are totally 3D they don’t just feel like placeholders even all the side characters mean something in the book and I love that. I love the plot, the characters it’s all written so well. Also the sex scenes in this book, she knows how to write them and low key I love them.

So there was a point in this book where I thought yeah Carys, Finn and Lucas (I not telling who he is) will get out of this life, they’ll live on the run nice and happy and just be free. You know Wendy proper set us up for that, and let me tell you I did not get that. I was sobbing when the thing at the end happens. I was so comfortable and so sure that my babies would be happy together and just enjoy being with each other. I didn’t even see it coming. This is why I don’t get attached to bloody criminals because realistically they never going to get a happy ending. I should have known when I thought they were going to live happy. Like nah not going to happen. FBI still on their tail. I sobbed through the ending of this book and lowkey I’m mad about. I was no expecting the twist and it made me so mad and angry and now I just need the next book. I was expecting this to just be a nice lovely happy story of Carys and Finn reconnecting. Which it was. If you take out the criminal part, and the FBI and the other parts. I was not prepared. I should know better.

Eric was a dick. I really did not like Carys father and honestly her dad best get some kind of karma in the next book because I was with Finn. Kill them all probably solved.

Carys and Finn’s relationship there was so much between them from their past in Ireland when she was stabbed to the meeting in Chicago in book 1 to her saving him from the warehouse. So much history and yet so much chemistry and the attraction that these two have, you can just feel it all pouring off the page and you just want them to be happy. I love their relationship they are each other’s weakness and it shows so much throughout the entire book, the way they protect each other are willing to sacrifice everything for each other. I was so happy when they got on the same page.

I liked seeing Lorcan in this book for the small amount of time, I’d say I would like to see him in the next book but I don’t think that will be possible without having thee FBI involved and we don’t want that…

My wish for the next book is Carys, Lucas and Finn to be happy with Jay and Sofia and just be happy. Oh and Lena. I just need happiness. My heart can’t take anymore pain and heartbreak or crying. Honestly though I loved this book so much and I need the next one…

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