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Soulmate – Katie McCoy

Five guys. One bar. And a whole heap of sexy trouble…

Sawyer Landry is sexy, rugged, charming… and did I mention sexy? Back in college, we were best of friends – which meant I secretly hid an epic unrequited crush, while he dated every other girl on campus… and then told me all about it the morning after.

Now I’m back in Chicago for the first time in years, and Sawyer is determined to rekindle our friendship. I swore, I wouldn’t put my life (and heart) on hold for him again, but just one look at his handsome face and I know, he’s still the only man for me.

But this time, things are going to be different. No more sitting around, waiting for him to realize his dream woman is right in front of him. No, I’m going to make him see, I’m not just one of the guys anymore.

But can I really go from sidekick to soulmate? And will this playboy bachelor realize, true love is waiting – if he’d only take a chance?

I’d like to thank Give me Books promotions for sending me an e-arc of this it is very much appreciated! So you know if you follow my blog I love Katie McCoy I have read quite a few of her books including Rascals, Wingman and Heartbreaker from the Rascals series and then I read Hot Bachelor I loved those books, Katie McCoy has become an author that I need to begin to get through her other books.

I loved Gabi, she was such an interesting character and I felt so bad for her having unrequited love for Sawyer and I had to admit she came back into this story a much stronger person than when she left. I liked the connection that both her and Sawyer had.

Oh my god as much as I loved Sawyer he was a blind annoying fool when it came to Gabi, the amount of times he hurt her by not realising her feelings. Although I do have to say not all the blame and annoyance goes to Sawyer like Gabi should have manned up and told him how she felt. I was so frustrated with Sawyer at times, but I loved how much he cared for Gabi and his friends.

Gabi oh man she broke my heart through this, I was nearly crying for her.

Emily was hilarious and she was a brilliant character have in there throughout this book it made me laugh so much! I also loved seeing the other characters from the other novels in this story. I loved seeing Chase, Kelsey, Alex, Emmerson as well as Dante and Hayley. It was nice to see that big family together although not real family still the bond there between them all.

Sawyer at the end so romantic, the end was one of my favourite endings and it was so sweet and cute.

(Also I know I’m not going into much detail I don’t want to spoil anything for you guys.)

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