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July Wrap Up

So yes! You aren’t seeing things my July Wrap up is actually posted at the end of the month! I feel proud for that. July was a slow month for me and I only read 5 books I went into a bit of a slump after a certain book…

  1. Just Like The Movies – Natasha Preston
49080167. sy475
He was mine for ten years, and now he belongs to Hollywood. 

Spencer Lowe, Hollywood’s newest golden boy, has hit the big time. Coming from a small town in England, he never imagined starring in a movie or becoming a household name. Offers from producers come as fast as offers from women. 

Indie has been in love with her best friend for years, and their short-lived love affair was the best time of her life, but she had let him go so he could follow his dreams. Now she’s alone, stuck inside a nightmare she keeps hidden. 

With the premiere of Spencer’s first movie coming up, he books a ticket for Indie and takes her to LA. She wants to give in to their chemistry and dive back into a relationship with Spencer, but if she does, she risks exposing the family secret she’s been guarding her whole life. 

This book killed me and put me back together again. A review will be coming soon!

  1. Gavin’s Song – Jamie Begley
52933596. sx318 sy475
Have you ever wondered what happens to two souls destined for each other before they even meet?
Well, this is it…

Gavin had believed himself untouchable. There wasn’t an inch of his body that hadn’t been taught to eliminate any threat, both to himself and others, as a Navy SEAL. Not only had he been trained to be a warrior, but a strategist who could accomplish any mission that he was given… 
Until the day he was blindsided by a brother with his own agenda and was forced to accept that everything he had believed in had been an illusion. 
An illusion that he was capable of love.
An illusion of the woman who had kept him sane during his darkest days.
An illusion that The Last Riders would always have his back.

Now he was being forced to accept the man they had created. A man who didn’t care about anything or anyone, living a life without reason, joy, or peace. A soul so broken that it couldn’t be fixed, searching for the one reason to keep himself breathing.
How was he supposed to know it was a song?

So this was a reread for me and there is so much I picked up reading this the second time around! There will be a review coming soon.

  1. Ho Ho Hennessy – Jamie Begley
49822517. sy475
F*ck Mistletoe.
Screw Jingle Bells.
Ho-ho-ho can kiss my a$$.
Who in the hell drinks mulled wine anyway?
Instead, reach for a damn shot of Hennessy to keep you warm this holiday season.

Finding himself at The Last Riders’ clubhouse was the last place Hennessy planned to be during the holidays. He hated snow, hated wrapping gifts, and he preferred his Harley over a sleigh. He and the Grinch were more than best friends; they were brothers. And he had planned to ride out the holiday fa-la-la-ing his a$$ to Florida …

… Until a curvy cutie had him sinking to the depths of playing a naughty game of Dirty Santa that he’d had no intention of playing.

The rules were simple:
Guess who’s sending you the naughty but nice notes or you get a lump of coal in your stocking. If you got three lumps, then you were s*it out of luck, because there would be no sex until after Christmas.

The 12 days of Christmas have never quite been spent like this …

So I really liked reading Hennessy’s story and who he ends up with it’s so cute. A review will be coming soon!

  1. Reaper’s Wrath – Jamie Begley
51066034. sx318 sy475
Have you ever wondered how soulmates fall in love after they meet?
One touch was all it took to pierce through the hatred, the revenge, the payback that kept Reaper’s sanity in check. Unable to bear to be touched, Ginny breezed through his safeguards, stirring the flames of desire and trying to make him believe love was possible again, while his tortured soul just wanted to find the peace he had promised himself once all his enemies were there to keep him company in hell.
One look was all it took for Ginny to recognize her soulmate. Now she was determined to show him that love, mercy, and forgiveness would bring the light back into his life. Her warrior was no longer fighting alone to battle his nightmares, and this Kentucky woman wasn’t afraid of stealing his heart and making it hers.
One love that would have to be strong enough to overcome Reaper’s biggest enemy—himself.  Having lost faith in love, The Last Riders, and himself, it was only when Ginny committed a desperate selfless act of love that Reaper realized that, to save her, he was going to have to put his life on the line again. This time if he lost, not only would he lose Ginny, but the Last Riders forever.
How was he supposed to know his wrath could cost him everything? 

So I will need to reread this book before I write a review because all I wrote when I read this was ‘What the fuck???’ I’m still mad about it this is the book that caused me to have a book slump and I tried to get out of it just wasn’t successful but this book hit me in the feels and I wasn’t ready and I need book 3.

  1. The Devil Scars – Marysol James
36540186. sy475
Six years ago, Zoe Parish fled Denver, declaring to never againhave anything to do with motorcycle club guys. A horrifying, horrific experience in a bar back room showed her that they’re lower than scum, and Zoe swore to never trust one of those animals to get close to her again. But that was before she became responsible for a baby girl, and before her oldest friend, Wolf Connor, President of The Road Devils MC, begged for her help. Wolf promised her that his club was ‘out of the life’, and that she’d be completely safe… and so Zoe has returned to Denver to work with one of the Road Devils’ businesses. She’s wary, angry, defensive, untrusting, suspicious. And not even slightly open to a romantic relationship with one of Wolf’s boys – no matter what her treacherous, traitorous body does when Scars’ eyes meet hers, or when he touches her.

Vic ‘Scars’ Innis is a club man, through and through. Loyalty to the Road Devils MC has been the one constant in his life for the past twenty-two years, and that loyalty has made him Vice-President of the club, second-in-command of men that he thinks of as family. He’s content, mostly, but knows that something (someone) is missing. The minute that he sets eyes on Zoe Parish, in that too-short skirt and her blonde curls all pulled up tight, he knows, he just knows, that he’s been waiting for her. But she seems to hate everything that he is, everything that he stands for – when she’s not naked under him, writhing and begging for more, that is.

The push and pull between them turns both their lives and hearts inside out, and brings out both the best and worst in them. When an enemy burns their lives to the ground and threatens to take Zoe’s baby away forever, Scars and Zoe have to go back to square one in so many ways – but are they ways that will make them stronger? Or will this time be the time that ends them, for real and for good?

I actually liked this way more than I thought I would. I didn’t go in with high expectations but I really liked it. There will be a review coming soon!

So you may have noticed a theme through this wrap up called ‘review to come soon’ I will be getting them done soon so I’ll update this post when I have them posted.

If you have read any of these books let me know which ones and what you thought! Also if you have any books you think I’ll like be sure to recommend them down below! Let’s chat!

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