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May Wrap Up

So yes this is really me writing up my May wrap up almost 2 months late… Better late than never right? May was a very slow reading month for me compared to last month at least. I read a total of 7 books and one of them was a reread.

  1. A Reluctant Huntress – Graceley Knox
48719430. sy475
There are only two ways you leave the Wild Hunt: You die, or you’re too old to get the job done. 

That was until Jinx up and left without an explanation. For the last five years, she’s lived in the human world, chasing down rogue supernaturals and filling in on occasion at the bar beneath her apartment to make ends meet. 

All of that changes the day her little sister shows up on her doorstep. 

The King of the Wild Hunt has been taken, and not even the greatest of hunters can find him. 

Left with no other choice but to help, Jinx returns home to a kingdom that thinks she abandoned them. And if that’s not bad enough, she has to work with the insufferably attractive Draven Hellguard to find her father. 

After being gone for so long, she can’t help but feel like unseen things are happening at Castle Tor. Unsure who she can trust and who’s out to destroy her family, Jinx is only sure about one thing. 

Whoever did this is going to pay, and she won’t stop until they do. 

So I actually listened to this book on audiobook and it was fantastic I loved listening to it! I really loved this book! Oh my god Graceley definitely knows how to keep you hooked on a story! I loved the plot of this book, I loved the characters Jinx, Draven, Kap they kept me so entertained! I love how we were introduced to this world and it was just great! I don’t like cliff hangers though, like why leave me hanging? I really liked Jinx’s relationship with her brother. Although Jinx and Draven. Man them two. Draven is such a smooth talker and I got to admit he knows how to seduce that’s for sure…

  1. The Two Of Us – Kennedy Fox
52752663. sy475
What do you do when the entire nation is on lockdown? 

If you’re an heiress to a billion-dollar fashion company, then you quarantine in a glamorous cabin and finish your final semester of NYU online. The best way to focus on her upcoming valedictorian honor is away from her family, classmates, and the paparazzi. Cameron St. James is ready to get out of the big city and head Upstate for seclusion, despite her parents’ pleas to stay home. 

What do you do when a pandemic is sweeping the world? 

If you’re barely making ends meet, then you isolate yourself in your best friend’s mountain cabin with breathtaking views and no neighbors for miles. It’s the perfect safe place away from three roommates who don’t take the life-threatening epidemic seriously. Elijah Ross is ready to work remotely and focus on his next big promotion, assuming he’ll still have a job after this. 

What happens when things don’t go as planned, and you’re stuck with the one person you dislike the most? 

You improvise and do whatever it takes to avoid each other, though it proves to be impossible. The cold evenings alone turn into movie and popcorn nights together by the fireplace. Days turn into weeks, and eventually, more than just a friendship blossoms. As the unknown haunts them, they lean on one another for comfort—until someone pops their safety bubble and threatens everything.

The Two of Us is an enemies to lovers, brother’s best friend standalone romance set in the current affairs of history in the making. Though the character’s storyline is fiction, the virus is very real, and we’ve made sure to be sensitive on this topic.

I fell in love with this book I loved the writing and it kept me hooked and interested in the story and I actually can’t wait for the second book in this series because I will definetely be reading it. I felt the characters were really good and established even the side characters were very well established for the small parts that they played in this book. 

  1. Love The Man, Love The Club – Penny Anglene & Vera Quinn
53498743. sy475
My club and family—by blood and by love—have been my life. My biological family taught me loyalty and love. They instilled me with the morals and showed me the important values in life. Protecting women and children is my job as a man. My club affirmed that love, and loyalty is what a good relationship is founded on. Riding hard and having my brothers’ backs comes from loyalty and love.
My life has never been easy, but I know I would never walk away from my club or my family. We have storms brewing with another motorcycle club. We are waiting for the other boot to drop, and then I meet Emma. Emma’s everything I never knew I needed, but also everything I can’t see myself letting go. Emma is beautiful, sassy, and self-reliant—things I never found attractive in a woman. She has a problem with motorcycle clubs. I have to remind her—Love The Man, Love The Club.

I thought overall it had an okay plot it didn’t really wow me I think my issue is I have read that many MC books that I begin to expect a lot from them and for them to just always blow me away so when they don’t I’m kind of disappointed. I thought the bounty hunter aspect of it all was very interesting but we didn’t really see much action other than the beginning when she went into the club to get one of the members. I just wanted to see more of that. Especially as it becomes a major part of the plot later on, the big thing at the end I don’t even remember the person appearing in the book before that moment. So I don’t know whether that’s I’ve forgotten or it just wasn’t there enough. 

I feel like another issue I had is I really struggled to connect with these characters and although they were okay they weren’t anything memorable for me and I think it was just okay. Like I didn’t feel much about them, like for a life and death situation I really didn’t care that much about the outcome of it. (As bad as that sounds). 

So as much as I wanted to love this book it just fell a little flat for me.

  1. Three Strikes – Allana Walker
53712196. sy475
From the moment I turned fifteen, my life was planned out right down to the man I was to marry one day.
Until one night changed my life for good.
Welcome to the screwed up world of Daria Denver.

Strike One; She walks into my Club house uninvited.
Strike Two; She steals from me.
Strike Three; She keeps a nine-year-old secret from me.
Daria Denver will learn never to piss off a Demons Disciples.
Especially me, Striker Xanders.

Warning: Some scenes within this book may cause triggers and may cause some upset.

I was very annoyed when I got to the end of this book because this lovely author decided to end this story in a cliffhanger and I’m so annoyed. I just want Striker, Daria and Emily to be happy. Is that too much to ask?! Honestly I was so annoyed. I have so many questions I want answered and I just don’t have that. Thankfully the author did comment on my Goodreads review saying that the next book shouldn’t be too far behind which I’m very glad for because I need more! 

The story was written really well, I loved the plot kept me on the edge of my seat despite Striker’s assholeness I really liked his character and majority of the characters in this book. I just want more and I can’t wait to see what this author comes up with next!

  1. Rival – Scarlett Ross
51567850. sy475
They thought they had destroyed her.

She’s back with a need for vengeance even more than before.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

The men of Monroe Enterprises hung me out to dry. They manipulated, calculated and seduced me. I was nothing but a rag doll when I walked out of their ivory tower. But the old Ainslee has been reborn again. I’m out for revenge on a whole other level. My past is done, a new day has dawned for my hatred. They are going down along with all my tormentors. Because this time I am the boss.

We broke her. She was nothing to us but an obstacle we had to overcome. Yet we all feel lost in some way for our actions. She’s more than we had imagined. Now we know we may have underestimated her because she’s no longer our assistant, she’s our obsession. And our rival.

The saga continues. Be prepared for another epic showdown with Ainslee and the men of Monroe Enterprises.

Warning this book is intended for audiences only over 18 years of age. Triggers are possible for attempted rape, bullying and past physical abuse but all sexual activity in the book written in depth is consensual.

One thing I did really like is the connection and chemistry between Ainslee and each of the men PJ, Evan, Jamison and Merrick I like that we got to see her connection with each of them. That will be another reason why I carry on reading this series. 

Overall I am still very conflicted about this story. I need answers and I really hope that the author can manage to give me those answers by the end of this series but make sure it’s done well and not just a half assed ending. I really enjoyed the author’s writing and she certainly has a talent for making you want to read on.

  1. T.A – Jamie Begley
42427007. sy475
Cuffing season was supposed to be about finding a hook-up to keep her warm during the cold Kentucky winter nights. T.A. wasn’t looking for Mr. Right; she just wanted Mr. Available. 
That was before she met Dalton Andrews. The widower was nursing a broken heart, and the only thing he wanted was a woman to take his grown kids’ minds off worrying about him. 

It was supposed to be a trade-off—he would keep her warm and toasty during the nights, and she would put up a smokescreen in front of his kids during the days. It was a win-win situation.
That was until the famous actor decided he wanted out of the deal and Mr. Available was a no-show during the biggest snowstorm of the year.

Poor schmuck didn’t realize that all the drama he had experienced in Tinseltown was nothing compared to dealing with this bitch. 

So you will see I’ve slowly been releasing reviews for Jamie’s books and this review will be coming soon!

  1. Dylan – Karla Sorensen
30365430. sy475
Dylan Steadman has never seen his stubbornness as a bad thing. It’s always been easy for him to make up his mind and stick with it. It’s why he works a lot, why he doesn’t need to make time for a girlfriend, and why he recently decided to move across the country for a new job. His brothers and sister are happily settled, and now that all eyes have turned on him, he needs a change. He does not need a relationship, and moving to Colorado lets him breathe. What he didn’t see coming was Kat, the much-too-young-for-him employee at his new restaurant. 

Kat Perry doesn’t have a family. She doesn’t even really have friends, but that’s by her choice. Her new manager, Dylan, has all the things that she should avoid; the muscles, the eyes, the smile and the kind of white-knight syndrome that she doesn’t know what the frick to do with. Dylan should be easy enough to disregard since she’s managed to hold people at arm’s length her whole life, especially when a relationship is the very last thing she wants. 

But she can’t ignore him, not when he befriends her, and definitely not when they tap into combustible chemistry that threatens to burn down everything around them. So instead of fighting it, they come to an agreement- just friends with a bunch of benefits on the side. Easy, right? Not exactly. 

Especially when the heart gets involved. 

**This is the first standalone book in a spin-off series from the Three Little Words series. Dylan is featured as a secondary character in the previous series, but it’s not necessary to read them first. This book is 70k words long with a mild/medium heat level.**

Okay this was so cute and exactly what I needed at the time and it was really cute. I loved Dylan and Kat and I actually can’t wait to read on with this series. This will probably have a review soon!

So that is my May Wrap up sorry it’s taken so long to get up but it’s been very hectic the last few months and I kind of lost heart in it all. But I am back and have a lot of blog posts to catch up on!

If you have read any of these books do let me know which one and if you have a book you think I should read recommend it to me! Let’s chat!

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