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Twisted Love – R. Linda


It’s what I do. What I’ve always done. 
For fitness. For fun. 

And now for fear.

He took me. Trapped me. Destroyed me. 
Broke me down, little by little. 

His captive.
His slave.
His pet.

But…something unleashes.

Something forbidden. The passion. The pleasure.
It’s wrong. Unforgiving, and I should do what I do.

Run like Hell.
From this Twisted Love.

I’d like to thank Lady Amber’s tours for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated. So this is not the first book I’ve read of hers. I’ve read Bailey and the Bad Boy, Indie and the Brother’s Best Friend, Harper and the One-Night Stand, Kenzie and the Guy Next Door, Audrey and the Hero Upstairs and then Christina and the Rebel Affiar. This story was nothing like her others, she stepped out of her comfort zone. She did fantastically! This book was so well written and the content was really good. I really enjoyed this story.

I don’t know if I was meant to but during this book, Hendrix had my whole sympathy I kind of preferred him to Lucy at times. He was sweet and caring, and if you ignore the part about he hides his father’s crimes and kidnapped Lucy I think he’s an alright guy with a fucked up childhood. He tried to take care of Kat and Lucy as much as possible and when he jumped in front to protect them my heart kind of broke from all the shit he went through. I loved Hendrix. Horrible memories for Hendrix I felt so bad for him when we saw into his mind it kind of break my heart a lot.

I was a little mixed with Lucy, sometimes I didn’t like her, sometimes I did. Erm, I think overall it was mostly me liking her. But the way she began to care for Hendrix was really cute. Also that eventually she was willing to stay with him and help, but also that over time she was so loyal to him even after she escaped the captivity from his father she still wanted him.

Kat she was an interesting character I want to know more, even at the end, I wanted to know more.

I love Hendrix and Lucy.

This book was tense, it weirdly had a lot of cute moments between Hendrix and Lucy in yet at the same time it was tense as hell. I loved the feelings through this book the plot was also amazing (I don’t want to go into it too much because of spoilers). But yes the plot was fantastic! Really well written and she definitely stepped out of her comfort zone with this book.

I actually can’t wait for the sequel this one is fantastic.

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