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Shameless Desire – Sedona Venez


If two dirty-talking, commanding, alpha heroes stopping at nothing to claim their woman is not your thing, you probably want to give this book a pass. But if it is your cup of tea?

Well then, buy this bad boy. You’re in for a delicious treat.

I’d never imagined that being posed, ordered, and held would feel this good.
Until now, I’d never found the right lovers to coax out my hidden, dark desires.

Nor had I found anyone worthy of initiating me into their world of pleasure, pain, dominance, and submission. 
Now, my two lovers were helping me to reinvent my every notion of pleasure.

The safe, sensible, boring Keira, who never took risks or tried anything outside her comfort zone, was gone.
I’ve finally found a place where I truly belong—with my two lovers and our shameless desires.

This MFM romance is all about her—no M/M. As with all my books, this stand-alone is safe with no cheating and a guaranteed HEA.

I’d like to thank Lady Amber’s Tours for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated! I have never heard of this author before and what attracted me to this book was the description! The book was a nice quick and easy read! It was such an amazing story I fell in love with the characters! I also loved the fact that this book had multiple points of view between Keira, Jax and Sebastian it was interesting being in each of their minds.

Keira I loved her character the way she was brave enough to explore into a different world, the BDSM world and when going into it although she was unsure she made sure she asked all the right questions to Sebastian and Jax and I loved that. She asked all the right questions to them and made sure that they were sexually safe. She was smart and her head was on straight I really loved her character.

Sebastian and Jax they were very interesting, and they also had a very interesting bond with each other. I really enjoyed their friendship and that they always, for the most part, shared their females. Also, the seduction that Sebastian and Jax laid on Keira was hot, that seduction was like A+. It was really interesting watching Sebastian seduce Keira and then Jax also seduce Keira at different times, like their seduction was really good.

I loved Molly she was very light-hearted and she was funny. I wish she was in the story more but I love the moments she was in the story.

The plot of this book was simple it was just Jax and Sebastian seducing Keira and their relationship, it’s a really simple and easy book to read. Nice quick read with some very hot moments in it. Sedona’s writing is amazing it kind of has the power to make you feel what those characters are feeling and it’s just very well written. I think my only complaint which isn’t really a complaint is I wish it was longer. I wanted to read more and more about these three. It was so good and I enjoyed this story so much.

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