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Knight – K.D Robichaux


He’s been my best friend for eleven years, ever since I witnessed his heroism in Afghanistan and nursed him back to health. The young soldier grew into a man I could spend the rest of my life with. But I can never let him know just how much I love him, because not even a hero who lived through a war can survive my past.

She knows every little detail about me. There’s no one in this world I love and care for more. After years of meeting up on my mercenary missions to spend time together, she’s finally coming to see my home, my club, and meeting my friends, who don’t even know she exists. Will I finally be able to convince my secret lover to tear down her fortress so we can become so much more than best friends?

I’d like to thank Give me Books Promotions and K.D. Robichaux for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated! I love the Club Alias world well what I’ve read of it so far! This is not the first book of hers I’ve read, I read Seven and No Trespassing and I loved them.

I couldn’t wait for Brian and Clarice’s story especially after reading the mini novellas that K.D. Robichaux published about them it was getting me more and more excited for their novel. I had to admit this was perfect. We had a balance of the past and future, we learn how they meet and some other things about their relationship. These two characters have such an interesting dynamic between them and I like how they are with each other.

I loved Brian I also loved how the others were so surprised he had someone as they all thought he was gay. It was really interesting that they were taking such steps to keep it hidden from his friends. But I did love their reaction when they did find out Brian wasn’t gay. His heart just belonged to Clarice.

I felt so bad for Clarice when we went into her backstory and the reason was revealed why she didn’t want things to go any further with Brain and my god I cried when it was revealed. It was so sad and I felt so bad for her. She became so much clearer when it was revealed. I loved the connection both her and Brian have with each other. You can feel the chemistry as well as the sexual chemistry of course.

I loved seeing all the other characters from this world, Corbin, Vi, Seth, Twyla, Doc and Astrid. It was nice seeing them all and how they accepted Clarice into their little family it was cute.

I loved The Kissing Booth mention in this story!

It was such a perfect story for them, I felt like this was their story (if that makes sense). As characters, it was perfect for them.

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