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Not Quite Perfect – Rebecca Norinne


On the ferry to my mother’s wedding, I met the most amazing man—his love of Faulkner notwithstanding. Professor David Carstairs was funny, intelligent, and had the sexiest hands I’d ever seen. A conversation about classic American literature led to a romantic dinner at his house … and then a whole lot of dessert afterward. I’d never done anything like that before, but what we had was something special. 

Unfortunately, everything came crashing down the next day. Because my supposedly perfect professor? His dad just married my mom, and now he’s my stepbrother! 

Thanksgiving dinner just got a whole lot more complicated.

I’d like to thank Rebecca Norinne for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated. I love her writing and I had very high expectations I have read some books from her already: Trying Sophie, Ruck Me, Scrumptious, Break Down, Ashes to Ashes, and The Ties That Bind. I read Not Quite Perfect in one sitting it was perfect, not very long and full of witty conversation, lovely characters and a great plot.

I loved so much about this book, David was an interesting character it made me smile I also loved the fact he was a professor! He was so smart and the way he spoke about books. Although his dad was a giant ass I loved the fact David was still supportive of him especially as he didn’t need to be. He was a great character I loved learning about his past through the book.

I loved Victoria although her reaction to her mother getting married was quite funny and although it was like her 6th wedding she still went and supported her mother which I loved. She was also very supportive of her brothers and I loved it. I felt so bad for her when she got fired for making a certain comment about the mayor. I loved her personality too! I also love that she loved books!

I loved the book chat they had when they first met it was so cute and it made my heart melt! It was so cute! I just loved the connection and chemistry that both of these characters had with each other and also the banter. It was so great! Their sexual tension was off the charts! Especially when they realise their parents are getting married.

I loved Drew, Alex and Andrew they were so protective of Victoria and I love how supportive they were of each other. Also the fact that her brothers worked out about her and David almost instantly and covered for her as well as supported her. I loved it.

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