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Tap Out – Alley Ciz

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What would you do if you came face-to-face with your celebrity crush?
Rocky Steele is surrounded by professional athletes.It’s her job. As a physical therapist in a world renowned gym, she works with the best of the best, from hockey players to MMA fighters. Celebrity status does not impress her. Nor do big, strong men in peak physical condition. Nope. When it comes to her job, she’s one hundred percent professional.
Enter Gage James. Her celebrity crush. And the newest fighter to train in her gym. Where it will be her job to put her hands on every inch of the six foot seven two hundred and sixty pounds of utter Alpha male perfection. She’s got this….Maybe. Gage ‘The Kraken’ James is the reigning MMA Heavyweight Champion.When he walks into The Steele Maker for the first time, it’s like he’s hit with a one-two punch to the chest in the form of a certain raven haired firecracker. His coach’s daughter. His physical therapist. His every waking thought.He’s in for the fight of his life. The stakes are higher… outside the octagon.Time to release The Kraken.
GAME ON. TAP OUT is the second book in the BTU Alumni Series and can be read as a stand-alone. All your favourites return as a new cast of characters joins in on the fun. Prepare for major #squadgoals as you get your first peek inside The Coven. This book features a hella sexy UFC champ, feisty besties, the most awesome coffee house ever, and a heroine who can fight her own battles thank you very much. Time to touch gloves, HEA guaranteed.

I’d like to thank Givemebookspromotions for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated. I was sent this to read in preparation for book 5 in this series. So far I have read Power Play the first book which I adored and fell in love with the characters so I had high expectations and damn they were met.

So this book focuses on Rocky and Gage and it was amazing.

I really liked Rocky she was so strong and sassy and I loved that she was not willing to back down for any man or anyone and the way she kept pushing. I also loved how much she knew about fighting and hockey and it was nice to see a female being appreciated for what she can do especially in something that is usually such a man sport. She could hold her own and she proved that many times. She was so loving and caring and yet kicked ass when she needed. Especially when it came to the fighter’s health.

Gage, he is the world champion MMA heavyweight champion who has just switched to the Steele Maker gym and to a new coach and a new love interest is added into that. Gage is handsome hunk of a man and dedicated to fighting because he loves it. Our boy is also a family man he moves closer to his cousin so he can be around for his goddaughter and that was so cute. It doesn’t take long for him to be wrapped up and wanting Rocky.

So the relationships in this book were amazing, not just between Gage and Rocky. I mean with everyone, all the characters had a purpose in the friend group and all the characters were fleshed out. I loved seeing Jordan and Jake again and even knowing they have precious baby twins is so cute and I loved that. I really loved seeing how all these characters interact with each other and accept new people into their tight knit group and it was so easy. I loved the banter between them all I especially liked their open apartments between them and that they all loved on the same floor. It was so cute. I also liked at the beginning that we got their text names again that is very helpful.

I love how the attraction between Gage and Rocky was instant and both at the same time. This was a heck of slow burn I don’t think we actually see them kiss until like 50% way through and damn did the author write it good. I was dying for them to just kiss and get on with it, the sexual tension was pouring off the page, it was hot as fuck. The waiting, the teasing just it was all written so well and I’m there for it. a

The sexual tension was killing me. The sex was written really well the author definitely knows how to write her sex scenes and she is good at it.

So halfway through this book Vince calls out Gage and honestly it’s my favourite thing I love that Vince knows Gage has a thing for his sister and rather than trying to stop him he encourages him and I love it. Vince is just so precious and I love how protective he is of his sister, how much he loves to boost her up and yet he can still tell her when she’s being a brat. I just love Vince!

I love the boys teasing Rocky and Gage about having sex and then Vince being awkward about it. It’s so funny when the brothers are weirded out by knowing their sibling has sex we see it a lot in this book with Jordan and Jake and her brother just cringes every time they mention sex despite having twins!

I was surprised by Rocky’s dad in this book at the beginning I thought she had him wrapped around her finger and they were really close which they are until she begins to date Gage and he tells her to break up with him. I love that Vince stood up for Rocky here and literally yelled at his dad at the family dinner which of course had everyone there and her mum was also outraged and I just love how Vince stepped up for his sister.

The tension in this book when it came to Gage’s fight was damn. We see Vince fighting and Rocky isn’t nearly as tense but when we see her at Gage’s fight she is so tense about the outcome and as someone so cleverly said the person in the ring was never one she was in love with. Which I loved. The fight was amazing and I loved it and then the fact he proposes to her after is so cute and adorable!

I really loved these characters and being back into the world not only for the romance but for the friendships and I can’t wait to read the next book (which I will be straight after this). Alley Ciz really knows how to draw you into the story and just want to stay in that world.

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