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Rebel Rage MC: The Complete Series – Addy Archer

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When Alaric meets the right woman under the wrong circumstances, as the president of Rebel Rage MC, his options are limited… unless he can strike a deal that would benefit the both of them.

Making the best of a bad situation, Angie accepts the help of the muscled, overbearing biker who offers her protection from the danger stalking her at every turn.

As the death of a woman unleashes a chain of events that draws out new enemies and threatens everything he holds dear, Alaric will do whatever it takes to protect what he considers his.

Escape into the world of Rebel Rage MC, where laws don’t apply, loyalty is everything, and love is worth fighting for. The President is book one of the Rebel Rage MC trilogy, which will continue in The Vice President and conclude in The Prospect.

I’d like to thank Give Me Book promotions for sending me an e-arc of this series it is very much appreciated. So we all know I love my MC books so I saw this one I was straight there and ready. So I had very mixed feelings about this book and at one point I did just kind of want to give up on it but I decided to push through and by the end of this series I’m glad I did.

Angie is known as the Queen Fixer, she fixes people’s murder scenes. If they’ve met an untimely death then it’s her job to fix it. Alaric is the president of Rebel Rage MC and he’s very alpha.

I really struggled with the characters in this, I just didn’t connect with them I really didn’t like them for the most part it was hard to really care what was happening with them. You may be sat here like Sam why did you carry on reading. Hunt. Hunt is the VP and I absolutely love him and his little girl and honestly he was the reason I had carried on reading these books.

When Angie walks in on her I think it’s half sister being murdered as well as a member of rebel rage Alaric takes Angie back to the clubhouse with him and claims her as his. It’s not romantic they begin as a deal Angie needs someone to keep safe so she stays and Alaric wants an old lady eventually along the way they begin to fall in love with each other. Alaric is very rough around the edges and doesn’t quite always know how to treat Angie right with the odd time snapping at her or saying a comment that is bound to piss her off.

I really though the plot was very interesting and it kept me reading I wanted to know more about what was happening and the author did a very good job of setting up an overarching plot going through all three books that linked very well.

I loved how well Angie eventually fitted into the clubhouse as an old lady and everyone respected her and was willing to protect her when it came down to a pimp person wanting a whore for a whore after Rebel Rage MC killed her sister for stealing.

The writing was good and it kept me reading I didn’t like the over use of the word “cunt” like I found it was used way too much and it got boring fast but other than that I really did like the writing the author writes very well done sex scenes.

So whilst they are busy shooting up somebody’s house I forgot his name. When they enter his house they discover a young woman in a hole in the floor in the living room and they take her back with them, this woman becomes very important.

The book ends on a cliffhanger which of course will make you want to continue onto the next book which of course I did.

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When Hunt’s daughter goes missing, he’ll do whatever it takes to find her. Unexpectedly, the vice president of Rebel Rage MC stumbles across the right woman along the way. 

After a hot encounter with a sexy, arrogant biker, Peyton never expected to see him again, but fate has other plans. When she is unwittingly pulled into a dangerous situation far beyond her control, Hunt swoops back into her life, vowing to protect her. 

Will Hunt be able to save both his daughter and the woman he loves, or will this threat be too much for the MC to handle? 

Escape into the world of Rebel Rage MC, where laws don’t apply, loyalty is everything, and love is worth fighting for. The Vice President is book two of the Rebel Rage MC trilogy, which started with The President and will conclude with The Prospect.  

So this is the book about my favourite man Hunt. I was really excited when we got to his book yet I kind of couldn’t help but face palm. So once he finds his daughter who he thought is missing turns out a woman, Peyton, took her and left a note at his house calling him an asshole. So he brings Raven back home along with Peyton once Raven is out the way. Hunt takes Peyton to the garage and fucks her bare. Yes that is just what you do when you meet a woman. I mean I wasn’t very surprised when a couple weeks later she turned up pregnant, that’s the risk when you have unprotected sex.

So we discover that Peyton is actually an MC Princess to the rival MC, Alaric then tells Hunt to leave her alone and that they don’t need that shit. Then she turns up pregnant and then the whole situation is turned on its head. Hunt goes there and claims her, so this is where one of my favourite scenes is in this book. Peyton’s brother Stone arrives at her house to take her and hide her as her father has agreed to hand Peyton over to the Cartel to be somebody’s wife. Stone and Hunt furious protect Peyton as their is an attack at the house. So once Stone is told that Peyton is pregnant he then scolds her for telling Hunt over text and honestly it was just so entertaining with everything going off he still has time to scold her.

So it is revealed in this that the woman that Rebel Rage MC saved from the bad man’s house in book 1 is actually Peyton and Stone’s baby sister. Which brings even more drama and suspense to the overall plot and damn the writing certainly knew how to drop those nuggets good for us to follow.

I really liked the relationship between Hunt and Peyton and I love that Angie was also at the clubhouse to make Peyton feel a little more settled although she is an MC princess her mother tried to keep her away as much as possible as she knew the MC life could be cruel to girls. So I really liked that we had Angie to help her.

I really liked the plot in this we continue with having the cartel after Peyton so she can replace her sister and be sold to marry the man whose name I have also forgotten. They then decide to work with the DEA to help them with their issue of the cartel and the rival MC who aren’t behind Stone.

I really liked that through this book we see Linc the prospect getting very protected over Apple also known as Harper Hunt and Peyton’s sister, she pushes them away as she doesn’t want them to be hurt. Thankfully she manages to warm up to Linc and I really liked their bond so obviously I was very excited when his book is the next one.

There’s so much I want to talk about but actually can’t because it’s massive spoilers, but either way I liked this book a lot better than the first one and it made me really love the characters even more. I especially had a different appreciation for Alaric and Angie in this book and actually liked them a little better than their own book.

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As a prospect of Rebel Rage MC, Linc’s assignment was simple: take care of the woman who was kidnapped. Easy… except for the riot of emotions she stirs within him. 

Harper is broken and has the scars—inside and out—to prove it, but the love of a headstrong, protective biker might be just what she needs to heal. 

While Linc and Harper dare to explore their developing feelings, danger lurks within the shadows, waiting to drag Harper back into the torment she barely survived the last time. Linc will risk it all to make sure that never happens, but will it be enough? 

Escape into the world of Rebel Rage MC, where laws don’t apply, loyalty is everything, and love is worth fighting for. The Prospect is book three of the Rebel Rage MC trilogy, which started with The President, followed by The Vice President, and is concluded with The Prospect. 

So this is the last and final book in the series and god did I love it. So this one is about Linc and Harper and her feeling being able to be free from the dude who wants her as his wife. Who yet again I cannot remember the bad guys name.

I really liked how Linc and Harper’s relationship changed in this novel it was like the 10 days that Linc was in present made Harper’s eyes open that she had caught feelings for him. Where as Linc already knew and basically claimed her as his old lady already. I like how he was patient with her and was willing to take the baby steps with her until she was ready. I also loved that they went and got a dog for her so she would feel safer and I thought that was so cute and I loved it.

One thing the author did really well here was the discussion of sex between these two characters Harper has been traumatised not only was she raped by the bad dude he also used knives on her and cut her legs. So when it comes to them doing sexual acts they talk about it all first and Linc promises he’ll never hurt her. He also was willing to take it at the pace she wanted and that she felt comfortable with and I just love the progress she made it was definitely big progress and I’m there for that.

Linc is a scary man. But damn does the man know how to make people hurt, so in this book Linc decides it’s time to take his patch and stop being prospect and I really like what he became which was Enforcer which matched him perfectly and I loved him I was glad when he made bad dude suffer because he’d deserved it for hurting Harper.

This was definitely my favourite out of the series and I loved Harper being able to begin to mend after what she suffered and I loved it. Again I’m trying to limit what I say because don’t want to spoil but overall I loved this book and it actually made the series a hundred times better which is good. I’m glad I continued with this series for one.

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