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Power Play – Alley Ciz

Hockey players are off limits especially … if they’re on your brothers’ team. 
The last time Jordan did that, it ended in disaster. It was easy to promise her brothers she’d never date another one of their teammates again.
Until she meets Jake. 
The spark she feels when she spends time with him makes her promise harder and harder to keep.
Surely her brothers would understand breaking this promise if it means following her heart. 
Wouldn’t they? 
Never sleep with a teammate’s sister. 
This is the universal rule of athletes everywhere. 
Until he meets Jordan. 
As soon as Jake sets eyes on her, he wants her. 
The goalie’s job is to see missed shots and failed opportunities on the ice. 
This is one shot he’s not going to miss, no matter what obstacles get in his way.
POWER PLAY is a flirty, swoon worthy sexy rom-com and the first book in the BTU Alumni series. It can be read as a stand alone. If you like hockey boys, sarcastic friends, matchmaking K9’s, too-cute-to-handle kindergarteners, fierce heroines and swoony hot as puck Alpha heroes, then you want to get to know these cast of characters. One puck head and a HEA guaranteed.

I’d like to thank Give Me Books for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated. I have never read any books by Alley Ciz and this was a first. I was very excited to read this because you know hockey and I love me some hockey books.

So the first thing before you start this novel you get told the main characters text handles and I thought that was really unique and I loved that we got that little nugget of information.

I really liked Jordan I think my favourite thing about her as a whole would have to be how dedicated she is to her family, especially her brother including her twin. The constant family theme throughout this novel in most new adult books families are non-existent and I really loved that in this book we saw Jordan with her family, and it wasn’t all focused on the relationship.

I really loved the chemistry between Jake and Jordan, the chemistry between these two were off the chart. I loved how their friendship grew and then turned into a relationship. Also the sexual tension between these two characters was off the chats, although Jordan was fighting her feelings there was so many moments I was just screaming ‘kiss him already’ at the book because damn so many moments where it could have happened!

I loved the relationship between Jordan and the other characters from the Hockey Team and that they did have such a tight bond between them.

I loved her brothers reaction to Jordan and Jake’s relationship especially because she made a pact to not date anyone else on the hockey team. It was especially satisfying when Ryan got grilled by his girlfriend’s over protective brothers who were in the SEALs especially as because he and Jase are so protective about Jordan (not that you can blame them).

Tommy. He was an interesting development in this novel. I don’t want to say too much about this because you should definetely read it but let’s just say he got his karma and he was an ass.

I really enjoyed this book, the characters and the plot and it was just what I needed to read a nice lovely read. 

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