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Reckless – Stella Rhys

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For years, we never looked at each other like that. 
But in a single night, everything changed.

Some days, he’s my worst enemy. Other days he’s my best friend. 

Every day, of course, Adam Maxwell is my cocky prick of a boss, and for the past five years, we’ve been the official power duo at Engelman Sports, closing multi-million dollar contracts like LA’s most well-oiled machine. 

Honestly, we thrive on the daily love-hate. 

I call out his womanizing. He rags on my “needy” fiancé. And we carry right on. 

Because through thick and thin, our work dynamic has always stayed rock-solid. Fine-tuned to the kind of perfection you couldn’t break if you tried. Or so I thought.Until one night. That was all it took to turn our worlds upside down. One weekend business trip and one birthday surprise gone catastrophically wrong. Long story short, Adam caught me exposed.

I felt him aroused…

And just like that the switch flipped on our dynamic.

For five years, Adam Maxwell and I were just friends. But now? We’re anything but.

I’d like to thank Give me book promotions for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated. So I do believe this is my second Stella Rhys book I read Bad Boss and loved it! I’ve been wanting to read other books by this author and just never got around to it but this description drew me in and I was like yes I need to read an arc of this book. And holy hot damn this book did not disappoint. I learnt after this is part of the Irrestible series which Bad Boss was also a part of. I only found it out when I was marking this book as read on goodreads so that was a nice surprise. I must get through this author’s back log though.

I really liked Adam he was so charming and loveable and you could tell he always wanted to do the best at his job and he knew that doing his best meant having AJ his assistant by his side. I really liked how charming he was but you could clearly see how much AJ meant to him. Adam is hilarious and hoenstly I love him.

AJ I really loved her she was very patient and willing to wait and bide her time until she can be made an agent and until then she works very closely with her boss Adam and she is very strong and sassy. AJ knows what she wants and she’s not afraid to go after it.

So this book starts with AJ and Adam heading on a work trip and as AJ is in the same city as her fiancee for her change she decides to surprise him and surprise surprise he was in the hotel room with another woman. I was not surprised by this at all and this is what catapulted things between AJ and Adam the sexual tension. You could definitely sense the shift between these two characters when they opened that can of worms and the sexual tension is high and the chemistry between them is literally flying off the page. I loved their relationship and that they knew each other so well and trusted each other.

The sex scenes were very hot and damn the author knows how to write her sex scenes very sexy!

I loved that we got to see how AJ and Adam worked together not only personal but professional and you could see that they both loved their job and respected the work each other did. Obviously the celebrations got even better for them both.

So they go happy through most of this book trying to establish what this new version between them is and they soon settle on couple it isn’t long before the office finds out especially once AJ is promoted to agent and she discovers it was basically something Adam unintentionally said. I felt so bad for her in that moment and my heart was breaking for her. So she does the only thing she thinks she can she leaves L.A. to go to New York and start over but that meant without Adam. The separation hit hard. Like I wasn’t prepared to cry but yet her I did.

Eventually she realises that Adam no longer is in L.A. either and is in fact at an agency that isn’t very well known and is New York with her and when they see each other and AJ goes to see him it was so cute and sweet and I loved it. I loved that Adam was willing to leave her to discover that she could do her job without him and she was worthy of being an agent.

I liked that she managed to bridge the gap between Adam and Cole especially when she becomes Cole’s agent and I just really liked that we had a little nice happy ending with the two brothers finally reconnecting and just being able to talk to each other.

I really liked the subplot in this book of where we learn about Adam’s family that he lived with his biological dad but not his mum and the splitting up meant he had to leave his baby brother Cole behind and it haunts him. Cole wants nothing to do with him where as he sees his mother almost daily at the little diner he loves to go to and he has spoken about AJ to her and when AJ asked when she can meet his mum the reaction is quite funny.

I really liked their relationship and how there was no silly little break ups they spoke about things like sensible adults rather than flouncing off so I really liked that. This will be one couple I remember for a while because I loved them! The family aspect was very strong in this book and I loved seeing the side characters (who I have learnt have books of their owns so I will be getting to them).

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