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Player’s Kiss – Sienna Blake

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It was supposed to be my big break—landing the coveted spot as the All Ireland Rugby team’s new PR assistant. 

Instead I’ve become a glorified babysitter, lumped with the heinous job of keeping their star winger out of trouble and out of the papers. 

Eoin O’Sullivan.
Cocky. Charming. Outrageous. Destined to drive me feckin crazy. 
Party boy. 
Ladies man. 
An absolute PR nightmare. 

Never mind that he’s can’t-take-my-eyes-off-you gorgeous. Forget that the sparks (and insults) fly whenever we’re together. 

Too bad he’s decided that torturing me is his new favourite “game”. And he’s not stopping till he gets what he wants… 

Me. Naked.

I’d like to thank Terrie for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated. This is book number 6 in the Irish Kiss series it starts with Irish Kiss, Professor’s Kiss, Fighter’s Kiss, The Irish Lottery and My Brother’s Girl. I had really high expectations for this book especially as we saw some of what Eion went through in My Brother’s Girl and my expectations were met.

In the last book I found it really hard to feel that Eion really loved Kayleigh because it seemed so out there I think is the best word. But we discover that his whole relationship with Kayleigh was very real to him and the pain he felt when she left was very real to him and a big part of this book is him dealing with his anger and realising that he was angry at himself rather than Darren or Kayleigh.

Duffy was adorable she is the woman who has a life plan and is trying to follow every step to get where she wants to be, what she didn’t count on was Eion disturbing the well thought out plan of hers. I really liked Duffy she was very sassy and is not willing to let Eion get away with the shit he is.

So this book begins with Eion in the club you may be wondering why this is important my favourite scene in the whole of this book is at the beginning when his ex babysitter throws beer at him. Honestly his outrage out of beer being wasted was mood. Like yes. I loved the outrage about it. Made me chuckle so much.

I really loved the chemistry between Duffy and Eion, they were both drawn to each other despite wanting to keep it professional it doesn’t take long for boundaries to slip and honestly another one of my favourite scenes is when Duffy handcuffs her and Eion to the bed so he can’t go out. I think right there is when everything began to change for them and I really liked it. They didn’t want the nice perfect version of love, they wanted the hard raw version they wanted messy and messy is what they got. I really loved these together and they were so cute.

Eion went on one hell of a journey in this book from forgiving Darren and Kayleigh and learning to behave and that what he thought he had with Kayleigh wasn’t real he didn’t love her like he had fallen in love with Duffy. I loved that realisation from him and when he took Duffy to meet his Ma he knew it was real. I must say a disappointment from this book that we didn’t get the big family scenes I mean I get why he was on a destructive route but I still kind of wish we had some scenes with them.

Duffy and Eion and there tricks honestly made me laugh I loved how inventive they ere with each other especially when Eion was still trying to get rid of her. Some of the best scenes came out of it and how creative they both were.

Another scene that sticks out when she goes to the club to scold Eion and she sees he’s about to take ecstasy so instead of throwing it away like a normal person she snatches it from him and swallows it! And oh my god she was hilarious when she was high as a kite. For Eion it kind of clicked then that Duffy was doing everything for him and not to annoy him.

Another favourite scene it’s amazing how many favourite scenes I have for this book but it was just so good and I love it! Anyone who has siblings will feel this one, Noah and Michael try to talk to Eion about forgiving Darren and every time they try to talk he turns on the blender annoying them both. Honestly it was such a scene because I could totally relate to doing something like that to annoy my siblings.

These two were definitely a whirlwind and I loved their relationship and the trials that it came with Duffy’s Job and Eion trying to repair himself. I loved the story and the characters and I cannot wait to see what Sienna comes out with next which I know is Michael’s story which I believe has secret baby so I’m all there for that.

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