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Club Thrive: Predator (Club Thrive #5) – Alison Mello



I had to run. I had to take my son and start over, somewhere his father would never find us. There’s not a chance in hell I’ll ever let him lay another hand on my son again. For a while I thought we were safe, I thought we managed to get away…but I was wrong.


I had a rough start in life, and it had the potential to ruin my future. But I was lucky. I had someone who taught me not to let my past define me. To take the bad and turn it into something good. Now, when I look at Shelly and her son, knowing their past, I realize I have to protect them. There’s a predator out there, lurking in the shadows, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

But here’s the thing—the only way he’ll be able to get them…is if he kills me first.

So I love this series so much, you don’t have to read the other books to know the characters in this one but I would recommend it. The first book is Club Thrive: Compulsion, Club Thrive: Vendetta, Club Thrive: Agenda and Club Thrive: Deception and I loved all of those stories. I finally got around to reading the 5th book in this series and I had very high hopes! And they were of course met.

I love that Shelly got her happy ending especially after seeing how she was treated in Vixen in Club Thrive: Deception. I loved her story and I loved Ryker her little boy he was so adorable and cute! She was so strong and I loved how independent she wanted to be and that she was training to be a doctor. Mikey first appeared in Club Thrive: Compulsion and I was so happy when he got his story! I love his character! I loved how much he loved Shelly as well as Ryker her son. The moments of Mikey and Ryker were so adorable.

I loved the big family that we have through this and we get to see all the other characters. I loved that they are there and still so supportive and everything. It was great. Also the fact that the characters from there began to protect Shelly when they needed to, I loved it.

Eli is a right wanker. Hated him. That’s all I will say on him.

Overall it was a great story and a great plot, I really hope this isn’t the last story out of this series because I love them so much. I love the writing too.

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