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Stetson – Danielle Norman


The only thing fancy about London Kelly was her name.
She was a jeans and boots kind of girl. 
Her perfume was the smell of hay.
And her days were spent in the saddle.
Except for a few bumps in the road she had a pretty good life.

Her dad died.
Now, she’s left running the family cattle ranch and horse stables. 
The sexy sheriff has decided that he wants more than a one night stand.
And her employees believe that she has no business running a ranch.

Sometimes the strongest cowboys aren’t boys…
They’re women.

I’d like to thank L. Woods PR for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated! So this isn’t the first book I have read by Danielle Norman I have read books from her Iron Orchids series which include: Enough, Almost, Impact and Often. I loved those books so I had very high expectations of this book and sadly in terms of this book they were not met.

Alright first thing is first, I love the names of the three sisters, the fact they are all named after places just amuses me so much. London, Paris and Holland, I loved how strong and independent these girls were when it came to running their father’s farm after he died. London really was funny at times I loved the sarcasm in the novel it was so funny, I just love sassy characters and London, Paris, Holland and Braden all had that sarcasm and I bloody love it.

Braden and London are so funny, I love their relationship, at times I did think London spent so much time pushing Braden away rather than using him when they needed help. Especially when mysterious things were happening to the farm, like the fire amongst other things. It would have been nice for London to accept help straight away rather than being picky about who was helping her.

Ryan is someone who helps out on the farm from the moment he appeared in this book I didn’t like him. I didn’t trust him at all. Turns out I was right! I didn’t want to say much more than that just know I was right and when you read the book it’ll make sense. Ryan was a right dickhead and he also was very chauvinistic and believed that London couldn’t look after the farm without his help. He was a real twat. So yes my dislike turned out to be given, I was right about the thing! (Read and you’ll know).

The story was very fast paced. So my thing with this story is that I liked it but I didn’t love it. Like I didn’t enjoy it as much as the others and it just didn’t connect with me on any level.

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