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Fighter’s Kiss – Sienna Blake

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Declan “The Homewrecker” Gallagher. 
World #1 MMA Champion. 
Broad shoulders, perfect eight pack and the temper of a bull. 
Still recovering from a car accident that broke his body. 
Still married to the cheating supermodel bitch who broke his heart. 

…My new boss 

I can’t even begin to list all the reasons why getting close to him is a bad idea. 
Or going to that fancy red carpet thing as his date. 
Or letting him kiss me like he might never let me go. 

Did I say bad idea? 
Scratch that. 

Worst. Idea. Ever. 

Fighter’s Kiss is a full-length romance with a HEA and no cliffhanger.

So this isn’t the first book by Sienna I’ve read this is the third book in the Irish Kiss series which started with Irish Kiss, Professor’s Kiss and then I’ve also read the fourth book The Irish Lottery.

So I love Sienna’s writing without fail every single time her writing ends up hitting me in the feels and totally destorying me. This book was no exception it hit in the feels and she knows how to write heartbreak real good I must say. The stakes in this book was high and damn she wrote them so you knew they were high. You could feel how important things were to the characters and she gets it across the page so well.

Declan we’ve seen him in Irish Kiss and Professor’s Kiss briefly and I was very excited for his. There is no denying Declan is an ass when we first see him in this book our boy has been through a lot including recovering from a car accident where he was told he was not allowed to fight again. We go through watching him try to train to fight again despite being told he shouldn’t. He was determined to get revenge on his wife who he is seperated from and make sure that the person she cheated on him with doesn’t steal his title. So from the off we have really high stakes for Declan it’s his life. It’s that or nothing for him at least until River turns up into his life.

I think the best description for River is she’s like the sun always smiling and for the most part seeing the bright side of everything and I loved her personality. She was so adorable and caring and I loved the fact that she wanted to make Declan smile more than anything whilst she was there being his personal assistant. He definetely wasn’t the easiest person to please which River soon learnt.

Within the first meeting of these two I could tell it was going to be explosive and boy did it meet my expectations which I loved. I really liked how Declan and River built their relationship and that they didn’t just jump straight into bed together. I mean that happened after some progress but I was glad it didn’t happen straight away. I really liked their chemistry and the attraction each of these characters felt for each other I really liked that. I really loved when Declan finally began to open up to River it was definitly a special moment in the book. He melts my heart especially when he organises a photo studio for her to apologise for being an asshole.

Seamus is one heck of an asshole and honestly I just wanted to punch him, I mean I get being Declan’s manager he was more focused on getting him back in the ring but I swear to the end of this book he crossed a line that made me want to smack him.

We have a little appearance of Danny and Diarmuid through this book and honestly I loved it. No matter if they’re with their wives or got drama those men are still there for each other and I live for it. They are just the real best friends anybody could ask for.

The tension and the stakes really rise at the end of this book and let me tell you. I was on the edge of my seat, I did not want to put this book down because I wanted to know how it ended especially when Declan get backs into the cage when his doctor warns the next hit could be his last.

I think my one disappointment for this book is that at the end when the thing happens (me trying to not to spoil) we didn’t get to see any of Declan’s recovery and it was rather abrupt ending and I just wanted to see a bit more of his recovery.

Loved the proposal that was the cutest thing ever.

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