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Three Strikes – Allana Walker

From the moment I turned fifteen, my life was planned out right down to the man I was to marry one day.

Until one night changed my life for good.
Welcome to the screwed up world of Daria Denver.
Strike One; She walks into my Clubhouse uninvited.
Strike Two; She steals from me.
Strike Three; She keeps a nine-year-old secret from me.
Daria Denver will learn never to piss off a Demons Disciples.
Especially me, Striker Xanders.

I’d like to thank Enticing Journey for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated. So as always I love my MC books and this one annoyed me and blew me away on so many levels! So I think it’s very important to say if you do not like MC books I don’t think this will tickle your fancy and you’ll probably have a lot of issues with some of the stuff that happens in this book.

So let’s start.

Striker is an asshole. I’d like to say this changes but it doesn’t, well to some extent. Striker has moments through this novel where once he changes he reverts back into full asshole mood and its like gosh got to keep up with this. Erm so yes he’s an asshole and has some pretty messed up stuff going off in his head.

Daria she is also pretty messed up bless her, abandoned by her mum and controlled by her step-mum she had it pretty rough bless her, and part of her rebelling of all that ended up with her in a biker club with her best friend. Daria proves through so many times in this novel how strong she is and how much she has given for her daughter and how much she is willing to do for her daughter and I loved that.

So I know a few reviewers have picked up and aren’t happy about that in the beginning of this novel Daria is only 17 and Striker knowing her age still has sex with her and it’s slightly more rougher than you’d expect at that age. I know this bothered a few people for me I have to admit it didn’t really because here in England the age of consent is 16 so it didn’t bother me but I can totally understand why it bothered other people. Just want to mention that in case people don’t want to read that but if they didn’t like that I’m going to assume they probably wouldn’t be all that happy with the rest of this novel.

After that one night dun dun dun Daria gets pregnant. Which isn’t a spoiler because it’s in the description. I was so disgusted with Daria’s father that he chooses his wife over his daughter and kicks her out. I don’t like her dad and even though he attempted to make amends still don’t like him. We also discover at the end of this novel who Daria’s mother is and damn was that a surprise and a half! I love to be surprised. I didn’t see that coming at all! Daria does try and tell Striker but the little dickhead Blaze stops that when she tries more on that fool later.

So one thing that didn’t sit right with me was Daria and Jake raising little Emily as their’s. I can get why in the circumstances they were in Jake claimed the baby but I just feel like it would have been better for Emily to know from the offset Jake wasn’t her dad but a step-dad rather than her having to go through the slight trauma of discovering that Jake isn’t her dad and Striker is.

So this story really does know how to keep you on the edge of the seat, Striker surprise surprise isn’t all that nice to Daria when he sees her again. He’s mad. Mad as hell. He kidnaps her and then tries to strangle and kill her for keeping Emily away from him and not telling him so lovely guy clearly. But within all that drama the stakes get even higher when Emily is taken and saved. I don’t want to go to much into this plot but oh my god so much happened and any time something happened I was like what?! It really did surprise me and keep me on the edge of my seat all the time. The plot was really amazing and I had to say it surprised me at every turn. Like through this novel theirs a certain someone who isn’t what they seem and man I did not see that coming and let’s just say Striker was right.

The secondary characters are really well fleshed out and I loved Nico and Jess and those babies deserve their own book I love them so much. They’re hilarious and great friends to both Daria and Striker.

I think if anything can be said about Striker is he goes on one hell of a journey to try and be the man that both Emily and Daria deserve and he has his struggles with it but I really liked the journey that he did go on. I do have to question Daria’s taste in men though.

Blaze. All the way through this novel I just wanted Daria to tell Striker the real reason why he didn’t know about his baby and that it was Blaze who told her to basically fuck off and I was so mad whenever they were around him or Blaze was being an ass I just wanted Striker to beat him because he was a number 1 jackass and he was all the way through this book. I don’t know if we was meant to hate him as much as I do. But damn I hate him.

I really liked how this weird discombobulated family came together especially when it came to Emily and how much they cared for her. I loved it.

I was very annoyed when I got to the end of this book because this lovely author decided to end this story in a cliffhanger and I’m so annoyed. I just want Striker, Daria and Emily to be happy. Is that too much to ask?! Honestly I was so annoyed. I have so many questions I want answered and I just don’t have that. Thankfully the author did comment on my Goodreads review saying that the next book shouldn’t be too far behind which I’m very glad for because I need more!

The story was written really well, I loved the plot kept me on the edge of my seat despite Striker’s assholeness I really liked his character and majority of the characters in this book. I just want more and I can’t wait to see what this author comes up with next!

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