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The Ties That Bind – Rebecca Norinne


When Xander St. John’s brother Jayce orders a hit on Arabella Wilson, the daughter of their greatest rival, Xander has no choice but to obey. What Jayce doesn’t know is that Arabella isn’t just the enemy – she’s the woman who once broke his brother’s heart. Even though Xander has never forgiven her betrayal, he can’t bring himself to kill the woman he once loved. But the longer Xander waits, the more erratic and unstable Jayce becomes until he puts forth a deadly ultimatum there’s no turning back from. With the crime family boss quickly spiraling out of control, Xander is forced into action. Someone has to die, but who will it be? His brother or his lover, his darkness or his light? Find out in this dark and sexy romance inspired by Romeo & Juliet.

I’d like to thank InkslingerPR for sending me an e-arc of this it is very much appreciated. Rebecca Norinne is not a new author to me I have read Trying Sophie, Ruck Me, Scrumptious, Break Down and Ashes to Ashes and I loved all of them so much. So I had very high hopes for this book but they were very sad not met, maybe that’s my fault for having such high hopes but who knows. Although since I read The Dark Romeo trilogy by Sienna Blake any Romeo and Juliet retelling just doesn’t impress me after reading that I think I figured out.

Arabella and Xander their relationship was cute and heartbreaking all at the same time especially when it came to about losing their baby. I really liked the dynamic that these two characters had.

Also, Xander’s brother who I’ve forgotten the name of really sucked putting his brother in a position like that. He sucked.

I tried to love this book but I just didn’t connect with it. That being said, I had very conflicting feelings. I liked the characters and I liked the story I feel like it was just a bit too short that I couldn’t get invested enough with the characters. One of the main things for me to really love and like a book is that I can connect with the characters and I just couldn’t. Like a part of me didn’t really care what happened to them and that is why my rating is what it is for this book. That being said I still enjoyed the story.

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