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Wingman – Katie McCoy


Chase McKenna is the hottest bartender in the city… and he knows it. Sexy, charming, and abs for days? It’s no wonder every girl who walks through the doors is panting for him. 

Except me. 

I’m stuck crushing on my perfect boss, who has zero idea I’m even alive. I need a plan to catch his attention… and who better to teach me the tricks of seduction than Mr. Panty—Dropper himself? 

The rules are simple: no strings, no stress, and definitely no feelings. But it turns out, Chase is way more than I bargained for, and as for the sparks flying between us…? 

You can’t teach chemistry like this. 

Soon, we’re throwing our lesson plan out the window — and our clothes right after it. We’re breaking all the rules, and my heart’s on the line, but now I’m wondering… 

Must all good flings come to an end? 

I’d like to thank Give me book promotions for sending me an e-arc of this book, it is much appreciated! This is a spin-off of the book Rascals which I also read and loved! So I went into this with high expectations and of course they were met! This book melted my heart, Kelsey also gets on my nerves slightly but I’ll go into that in a second.

Kelsey, I loved her personality and how cheeky and fun she could be! Also when she was with Chase how confident she was then. What slightly annoyed me with Kelsey is she was always putting herself down when it came to her body image, and that she was always comparing herself to other women which were slightly annoying, because it was like she struggled to see the good parts of herself at times. So slightly annoying other than that I really enjoyed Kelsey’s character.

Chase, oh I loved his cocky self-confidence it was brilliant! Although he was at times so blind to his own feelings for Kelsey as well as hers for him. I thought his little lessons were funny, and that they were just a really awesome couple. I loved how their relationship grew and all though they were meant to be lessons when he started getting jealous I couldn’t help but think yes! Even more so when Kelsey’s boss was around. I loved their banter with each other.

I enjoyed this story so much and of course I enjoyed seeing all our lovely side characters, I can’t wait for their books, the more we see them the more I want those books!

I loved how supportive Kelsey was of Chase’s beer making, and that she was interested in the process as well. I loved that, and the fact Kelsey even left alone time with her boss who she had a major crush on to go and support Kelsey. They are goals.

I also loved how supportive of Kelsey Chase was when it came to her family, her mother was an absolute nightmare and I loved when Chase stuck up for her and made her feel better rather than shit. He brought her confidence back up for her and I absolutely loved that! This story was so cute.

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