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Love The Man, Love The Club – Penny Anglene & Vera Quinn

Love the Man, Love the Club Cover Reveal (April 10) – Books Best Blog
My club and family—by blood and by love—have been my life. My biological family taught me loyalty and love. They instilled me with the morals and showed me the important values in life. Protecting women and children is my job as a man. My club affirmed that love, and loyalty is what a good relationship is founded on. Riding hard and having my brothers’ backs comes from loyalty and love.
My life has never been easy, but I know I would never walk away from my club or my family. We have storms brewing with another motorcycle club. We are waiting for the other boot to drop, and then I meet Emma. Emma’s everything I never knew I needed, but also everything I can’t see myself letting go. Emma is beautiful, sassy, and self-reliant—things I never found attractive in a woman. She has a problem with motorcycle clubs. I have to remind her—Love The Man, Love The Club.

I’d like to thank Enticing Journey for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated. So I love my MC romances I have become addicted to books about motorcycle clubs and I love them so much I’ve read so many so I become very critical about them and which ones I enjoy and which ones I don’t. Sadly this one falls into the latter of the two catergories and I really struggled with this story. I wanted to like it so bad but it just fell flat.

One thing I did really like and was a much appreciated add on was the character list at the beginning of the novel so you know who everyone is and their position in the club. So very much appreciated that.

Emma started off this story really strong, defiant especially when it came to her older brothers bossing her around. She was sassy and badass and she wasn’t letting anyone tell her what to do. Well that was at least until she met Trent/Savior and it seems she lets him do all those things she refused to let her brothers do.

Trent/Savior laid down the law when it needed to happen and I really liked the way he just basically claimed Emma and the baby was his in front of everyone and that if anyone had any problems they could basically go and do one.

So we have a surprise pregnancy trope now I know many people aren’t a fan of this trope but I really love it. To see the two characters react to a really mixed situation I love to see the reactions. Pregnancy either brings out the worst or the best in people depending how you look it really. But really loved how protective Trent got over the baby and Emma and that was so cute.

The marriage proposal happened pretty early in the book and although it was very early and they were just doing it for the baby. I got to admit what Trent was saying was very cute and it made me smile.

I thought overall it had an okay plot it didn’t really wow me I think my issue is I have read that many MC books that I begin to expect a lot from them and for them to just always blow me away so when they don’t I’m kind of disappointed. I thought the bounty hunter aspect of it all was very interesting but we didn’t really see much action other than the beginning when she went into the club to get one of the members. I just wanted to see more of that. Especially as it becomes a major part of the plot later on, the big thing at the end I don’t even remember the person appearing in the book before that moment. So I don’t know whether that’s I’ve forgotten or it just wasn’t there enough.

I feel like another issue I had is I really struggled to connect with these characters and although they were okay they weren’t anything memorable for me and I think it was just okay. Like I didn’t feel much about them, like for a life and death situation I really didn’t care that much about the outcome of it. (As bad as that sounds).

So as much as I wanted to love this book it just fell a little flat for me.

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