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Harper and the One-Night Stand – R. Linda

A few too many cocktails in paradise, and I woke up in someone else’s bed. My ex-boyfriend’s cousin’s bed, to be exact. 

Huge mistake. 

Nate and I agreed it wouldn’t happen again. We didn’t want to hurt Brody. Only it did happen, repeatedly, until I finally found the courage to walk away. 

But I couldn’t ignore the temptation, and I soon found myself back in his bed—or on his floor—stealing secret kisses and forbidden touches, sneaking around behind everyone’s backs. 

I tried so hard to resist Nate’s charms, but my resolve crumbled. How could I not be swept off my feet by water towers in the rain and deep confessions on the beach? 

The last thing we want is to hurt anyone, but it is out of our control. And there isn’t a thing I can do except give him my heart and hope he keeps it safe…regardless of the consequences.

I’d like to thank Lady Amber’s Tours for sending me an e-arc of this! I have read from this author before and loved her, I read her first book Bailey and the Bad Boy and Indie and the Brother’s Best Friend I loved both of them and this one was no exception!

I fell in love with both Harper and Nate I loved reading about them in past novels and for them to have their own novel I loved. I also loved the novels linked although they are standalone you would be best starting with Bailey and the Bad Boy and then Indie and the Brother’s Best Friend and then read Harper and the one-night stand, just some things may not make sense but the actual story can make sense.

From the other books you really wouldn’t know that Harper had a bad childhood I love the fact that we got to know more about her and in detail. I think she is one of my favourite characters to date I mean other than Kenzie but her book isn’t released yet. I loved that Nate tried to put his feelings aside that he wouldn’t hurt his cousin!

I loved the saying screw the consequences as well as how both Harper and Nate just kept calling each other friend. Their relationship was so cute although they went from sex to trying to have a platonic relationship didn’t work to trying to have a relationship. Some of my favourite scenes between these two characters were the ones on the water tower. I loved how they built an open and honest relationship with each other. It was one of my favourites.

I loved the other plot in the story where we got to see Harper connect with her brother again, it was such a sad story and I’m glad they got to reconnect it was so nice for her to be able to have that reconnection with her brother.

I loved seeing all the other characters from the other books! I also can’t wait for book 4 which is going to be Kenzie’s story!

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