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Off Duty – Kristen Hope Mazzola

One kiss – that’s all it took

For her to go from off limits to my off duty lover. For years we worked side by side and in an instant everything changed in the best way possible.

Jessica McBee was my best friend, my partner on the force and my only weakness.

When Myla Hayes, the wife of the captain of the NY Otters hockey team, is being harassed, we have to work together to take down the suspect.

But how can I let her be in the line of fire when I’m in love?

Oh wow I’d like to thank L. Woods PR for sending me an e-arc of this book and I am so sorry about how long this review took to actually get up. I feel terrible but you know what they say? Better late than never! I have never read anything by this author and I was very pleasantly surprised by what I read. I really enjoyed this story. It was very fast paced but that didn’t take away from the story and it, in fact, worked with the story.

I loved Sean and Jessica, they were fantastic characters and it was nice to see a woman in such a powerful position being a cop. I loved how we had a time jump between from when Jessica first started on the force and was partnered with Sean to a year (I think) later when they are both comfortable with each other.

You could tell how close Jessica and Sean was with each other and everyone could tell they liked each other. They both really liked each other and I’d say they both loved each other before they really started dating, and you could tell. They both felt a little jealous in certain circumstances and it did make me smile. I loved how he just tried to protect her and she didn’t want to leave him in the line of fire when it came to their job. It was so sweet.

This story was told in two points of view and I did love it, you could see how both Sean and Jessica felt with each other. There were so many moments in this story that just made me laugh and it gave me such sweet and cute feelings. The plot aside I really did love the romance and it was like the best thing in the book. I liked the plot it showed ways of Jessica and Sean and how they felt about each other.

Something I did laugh out loud on was the fact all their friends and colleagues had a wager on them on when they would get together. I love stories when everyone else knows they’re going to get together. I loved this book it was what I wanted to read at a time and I will definitely be reading more from this author!

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