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Scrumptious – Rebecca Norinne

Chef Lauren Andrews is cooking up something seriously hot with a rugby player ten years her junior. It shouldn’t add up, but when they get together, age ain’t nothing but a number.

Some people came to Ireland for adventure or love. Not me. When I landed in Dublin, it was because my job as a sous chef had imploded on national TV. Humiliated and jobless, I landed a temporary gig as a cook for a rugby team, a sport I knew nothing about. All I wanted to do was save up enough money to get my food truck off the ground back home.

I certainly wasn’t looking for a relationship, especially with someone like Donal Casey, the team’s cocksure young hooker. It was supposed to be a fling, nothing permanent. At least that’s what we told ourselves. But what if you found love in the most unexpected place, with the most unlikely partner? What lengths would you go to keep him?

I have a feeling I’m about to find out. Because even though people say I’m wrong for him, when I’m in Donal’s arms, everything feels oh so right.

So if you haven’t been following my blog for a while you won’t know how obsessed with Rebecca Norinne I have become since first reading Trying Sophie, and then carrying on to read Ruck Me and Ashes to Ashes I am obsessed. I love her writing and what it does to me like it just makes me feel all the emotions and feelings! So starting this book I knew that no doubt I was going to fall hopelessly in love with this story and I did!

I loved Donal, the way he acted so cocky and so sure of himself, so when he wasn’t feeling like that it was so nice and sweet. Also when we saw some of his insecurities when it came to being like his father it melted my heart. Also discovering he was, in fact, a virgin was a surprise and I loved the fact he managed to confide in Eoin about it as well as Lauren. I loved how fast he actually fell for her too it was so sweet and he really didn’t care about the age difference between them.

I loved Lauren and although she knew she was good at her cooking skills sometimes she was unsure about them. I also thought it was honourable how she wouldn’t flip on her old boss when he was a cruel asshole to her. She was very insecure about her age when it came to being with Donal and even more when he told her he was a virgin. Although one of my favourite things in this book is that scene when she finds out and she’s shocked because and his response was he’s not celibate. If you’ve read the book you know which I mean but yeah that really did make me chuckle. I loved her insecurities and although it took a time she did finally share them.

I loved their relationship and although they fell for each other fast, I loved them getting to know each other. The sex was very well written and mature. I loved the bond that they created and the fact Donal was willing to sacrifice and move with Lauren so they could be together. It was also very nice seeing a couple that didn’t want kids, although for Lauren she couldn’t but yes it was very nice seeing a couple that didn’t want kids.

I loved the appearance of Eoin and Aoife in this novel it’s always nice seeing the other characters appear in the novel.

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