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Almost – Danielle Norman

Some people are unforgettable.
Like, the first sheriff that pulled you over for speeding.
The first person to kiss you senseless on the hood of a car.
And, the first guy to make you orgasm.
But, when all of those things are from the same man; let’s just say unforgettable doesn’t even come close.

I wonder if he ever thinks about me and everything we ALMOST had.


Oh, he remembers and he’s prepared to put his money where his mouth is…

Almost is a second chance romance. Part of the Iron Orchids series but can be read as a stand-alone. It is romcom with a splash of drama.

I’d like to thank L.Woods PR for sending me an earc of this book! It is very much appreciated. So I read the first story Enough a few weeks ago and I loved it and it was such a good debut that I couldn’t wait to see what she would come up with next, and this is what she came up with and I loved it! I think I loved it more than I did the first one, so I can only imagine what she is going to do next!

It was such a brilliant story! I loved Carter & Sophie, I fell in love with them straight away. I loved Sophie’s character she was such a mystery in the sense you really have no idea why she moved away from that period of time until later on in the story but I loved that it added to the character. I loved her sass and her personality and I really liked how she began to slowly open up to not only Carter but the rest of her family but I also couldn’t understand how she could keep it from them. Especially as in Enough we saw the big Greek family aspect in it which was also in this story so I don’t know why she kept it a secret. Carter was a very protective man, I loved how he’d try to protect everyone around him, I loved that about him. His character also made me laugh a lot and I loved both of them. The side characters were amazing and very fleshed out which I always love in a side character! (Who probably eventually will get their own book, especially hopefully Piper!) I also loved seeing Ariel and Kayson in this book!

The backstories for both of these characters were amazing, I loved how fleshed out they were and yet it all is revealed in the book so I can’t tell you exactly what their backstories were! You have to read it but yes I loved them and I didn’t see these things coming! It’s a brilliant story! I liked how they both interlinked to what was happening in the actual novel.

Seeing Carter playing with the children was so cute my heart actually melted, seeing him trying to navigate with the children was just amusing and watching him learn how to look after them was quite funny.

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