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Faking It With The Boss – Corrin Keller

When her birthday party gets crashed by an ex announcing his engagement to her cousin, Rose Hussey declares she’s bringing her boyfriend to their Christmas wedding—only she doesn’t have one. Her sexy boss offers to fill the position, but at a cost. Faking a relationship could be tricky when her attraction to Logan is real. 

Logan Rhodes has had a thing for his curvy PA since the day she saved him from a pillow beating, but he’s not looking to date her. Logan doesn’t do relationships. A week pretending she’s his girlfriend will get him what he needs and give him a taste of something merry—her. 

When fake starts feeling real, their actions, and attraction, have consequences. But there’s a magic at Christmas that fulfills desires, and what was once not meant to be could be an unexpected gift worth unwrapping. 

I’d like to thank Enticing Journey for sending me an earc of this novel it is very much appreciated!

I really loved Logan and Rose as a couple and people they were sweet and I loved how they built their relationship. Although I loved them both I really didn’t feel like we got to know much about Logan the author basically told us in a sentence rather than letting that conversation happen between the characters, which was really disappointing because we could have seen a different side to him rather than being told about that side of him.

Another thing I didn’t like in this was the way it was written I struggled a bit there’s a line in the book “Rose’s big ass” I feel like that statement would be fair enough if it was in her POV but being that it was 3rd person it felt so out of place, although this character had body confidence issues it felt really out of place. Which is sad as I said sometimes the writing was a bit of a struggle.

I loved the no fraternisation at work contract you just knew it was going to be broken I also loved how it ended in terms of this (I won’t say because of spoilers) but it was so cute and made me feel all warm and fuzzy. The I love you scene was cute.

If you’re looking for a cute romantic xmas story that is easy to read, that is what this novel is. The story was very fast paced and it all happened so fast but it was still a lovely story. I really enjoyed it but for me it needed a bit more substance but for what it was it was it’s good!

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