Blood Promise (Blood Books #3) – Danielle Rose

Careful what you witch for.

Avah Taylor never wanted to be a vampire, and now, her immortal life is at stake. When tragedy strikes, Avah is cast out of her vampire coven and embarks on a mission to expose the danger of the witchcraft that took her mortal life from her. Her journey takes her around the world, from Washington State to London to Russia, but Avah can’t run from a past deadly mistake that has come seeking revenge.

In this epic conclusion to the Blood Books trilogy, Avah’s questions will finally be answered, but only at a terrible price.

I’d like to thank Lady Amber’s Review and PR company for sending me an earc of this book! If you haven’t read Blood Rose or Blood Magic then do not read this review because it will spoil the first two books! Blood Promise is the third and final book in the Blood trilogy and we carry on following the story of Avah and her lovely group of hunters.

I really enjoyed this third and final book in the series the twists and turns in this book were amazing. I did not see any of them coming and I loved every twist and turn it took! The book was very fast paced and action filled story. I read this in one sitting, I didn’t want to put it down as soon as I began reading I couldn’t stop. It had me gripped and hooked from the beginning.

I felt so sorry for Avah and the guilt she faced throughout this book and although it was misplaced it was really what drove her in this book what gave her fight. As well as trying to avenge her mother and her witch coven. I loved that she still had her fight in her.

I loved how the plot has been woven together throughout these three books, there wasn’t any questions unanswered everything was wrapped up neatly in a bow! Then ending is also very much an open ending so if the author ever wanted to continue these novels she could! But it’s a very satisfying ending!

The sex scenes in this book was written very well and there was a lot more of them in this book but I didn’t mind because with everything going off and the life or death situation it fitted. I loved Jasik and Avah’s relationship the way they comforted each other and I loved them.

The power that they have Avah pretty much could have ruled the world with managing to get the witches, the vampires and the hybrid’s working together. I was on the edge of my seat as she tried to get them all together.The story kept me on my toes and guessing throughout, it was very tense and nerve-wracking

The ending was perfect it was a bittersweet moment but I loved every moment of this trilogy and if you haven’t picked up these books you really should they are amazing fast-paced reads! You could binge read this series!

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