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Club Thrive: Deception – Alison Mello


I should start trusting my gut instincts more often. Maybe then I wouldn’t have wasted so much time on Noah, the lying SOB who had the honor of calling himself my boyfriend for way too long.

Now I no longer have to feel guilty about sneaking stolen glances at Club Thrive’s family bodyguard. Slade manages to make my body react in the most sinful ways just by being near me, and now that I’m fair game…I’m starting to suspect he might feel the same way.


I’ve been hired to protect the Club Thrive family, and that includes protecting Kara from low-life scumbags like her ex-boyfriend. Unfortunately, I don’t think this is the last we’ve seen of Noah. He’s got bad news stamped all over his forehead, and if my instincts are anything to go by, he’s not going to let Kara go that easily.

But I’ve waited too damn long for the chance to make Kara mine. Nothing and no one will stop me from keeping her safe…not even the Devil himself.

I would like to thank Give Me Books promotions for sending me an earc of this it was very much appreciated, they have definitely gotten me hooked on this author and the club thrive series because I am addicted to these characters.

This book was based off Kara who is Katie’s sister and we meet her in Vendetta, we see her in a relationship with Noah and they break up and she begins to date Slade. I loved Kara and Slade’s relationship and how it was built. I fell in love with them both very fast (I wonder if people who read my reviews one after another are like I wish she’d stop saying that?) I loved Kara and how she wanted to be in terms of what Noah was doing to her and I was so glad when she told him where to go I was like yes! I also wish we knew a bit more about Slade and his army days because the small part we did get I really really loved.

I also loved how the plot for this linked to Miranda and Stone’s story in Agenda so I would recommend reading that story before this one because it would make a bit more sense but I really liked how it did link and how in this story we get a resolution for some of the events that happened in Agenda.

Noah’s excuses were shit, like to hide his dodginess but they were really terrible excuses some of them were very laughable, Noah was just so shit. That’s all I can describe but he was horrible. I did not like him.

I also loved the family aspect this is one of the main reasons I keep coming back to these novels because of the family, we have Skylar and Logan, Katie and Shane, Miranda and Stone, and now Slade and Kara. I also loved seeing Kara’s parents because that was nice.

I have to say for the first time in the whole of this series it is finally the guy that is seriously hurt instead of the females. It was so nice, I mean horrible, but nice that it was finally a man that was hurt because I just liked how she wanted to be with him when he was in hospital and take care of him. It was nice the man being hurt for a chance. I loved Slade. Did I mention that? If not I love Slade.

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