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Club Thrive: Vendetta – Alison Mello

My heart was shattered a year ago, and it feels like I’ll never be whole again.

All I have to distract me is my job, so I throw myself into my work, hoping success will make the pain easier to bear.

That is until I meet a sexy, green-eyed man…that’s the day my numb heart starts to beat again. 

I work hard to get ahead. I’m a trainer by day and a club manager at night, but there’s something missing in my life, and I’m not quite sure what it is.

Until I meet Katie. She’s sweet, smart, and beautiful, and I’d do anything for her.

My devotion is truly put to the test, though, when I have to risk my life to save hers.

So this is the second book in the Club Thrive series, you don’t have to read the first one to understand what is happening in this one! I’d like to thank give me books promotions for sending me an earc of this book!.

I loved Katie and Shane, I loved them as people I fell in love with them and I loved their relationship it felt so honest and pure. When they had problems they sorted it out like adults it didn’t seem childish, like they couldn’t cope being in that relationship. It worked. I felt like with what Katie had already been through with her other boyfriend it made her a lot stronger for this relationship.

I loved loved the plot, it was so different from what happened in book 1, and it felt more different too, this was to do with a serial rapist stalking her because her father put him away and he got out on a technicality. The plot kept me hooked and I wanted to read more, I mean Katie and Shane helped too. But the plot was great.

Katie, I loved her work ethic when she was working with Club Thrive and setting up some promotional aspects for the club. But how hard working I loved that it didn’t affect her job and she just kept trying to keep herself busy.

I loved how we got to see more of the family aspect in Club Thrive seeing Skylar and Logan if you’ve read my review of the first one you’ll know that I only started falling in love with these characters in this story rather than their own. I also loved how we got to see Katie with her family, I was big on seeing the family aspect in this it’s a big thing in the novels and it was definitely one of the things I loved about these novels. Speaking of Skylar she seemed so much more compassionate in this novel than in her own, I can’t really tell you why but that’s what I thought.

I fell in love with this book and these characters when I finished I just wanted more. I think it also helped I loved Katie and Shane!

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