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Club Thrive: Compulsion – Alison Mello


I’ve always dreamed of being a singer, and it’s time to make that dream come true.

Life is short, and I know my parents—may they rest in peace—would have wanted me to follow my heart. So I pack my bags and head to Los Angeles.

Then my world turns sideways…


I run the hottest club in L.A., where gorgeous women flock to show skin on the dance floor. But as soon as I spot her, I know she’s different. We have a connection, something more powerful than I’ve ever felt.

But I’m not the only one who notices her. She’s getting a lot of attention on the club circuit, and the way other men look at her when she’s on stage drives me crazy.

I want her for my own, but she’s not about to let me control her. And then my past returns…

This could turn into a deadly situation.

This is what I thought on my first read through! 

I’d like to thank Give Me Books promotions for sending me an earc of this book, I’d like to say I really liked this book but it wasn’t that I didn’t like it as much, it was more like not really much happened. I know that Skyler had a stalker but that took like midway through the book to happen so up until that point I was kind of like is something going to happen? It was good but up until midwayish I didn’t think much happened which is why my rating isn’t that high for this book.

Skyler was a character I was unsure about, she was kind of self-acclaimed not good in relationships and she’d kind of just ruin her relationships that is until Logan comes along. Skyler at times does try and sabotage her relationship with Logan unknowingly but she does actually stay and fix it. But erm I wasn’t bothered about the fact she didn’t feel like she’d stay in a relationship I did like how just normal it was that she just wanted sex off men so I really liked how blunt that was. I thought sometimes she should have let Logan take care of her rather than fighting with him at times (like when she got out of hospital). Other than that I thought she was just an okay character.

I loved Logan as a club owner and a boss, he was really good and I liked the way he handled things when it came to his club and I also loved the relationships he had with the people who worked out the club so the bar staff and the bouncers so I really did love that. At times I thought he was kind of possessive of Skyler like way early in the relationship and I was like well that’s a bit weird like usually, you get like that when you’ve been together for a while so I was like okay. At one point I thought he was really condescending, it was just after Skyler was attacked outside her old workplace by some drunk person and then she was home from the hospital, he was treating her like a child. He was trying to take care of her but it was more like a child rather than a partner. Other than that I really liked Logan he was a good guy, he also liked showering her in gifts I liked that he wanted to just treat her right.

I couldn’t really connect with Skyler or any of the characters actually and that was a really big problem with me the fact I didn’t really connect with the characters. I like to be able to connect with them in some way to you know care about them and I didn’t. I more cared about one of the side characters (they have a spin-off story so yay) rather than the two main characters, so that affected my rating a lot.

I’ve said before that I didn’t feel like much happened in the plot not until further into the story, but I am definitely going to read the next few books and give them a chance because although not much happened I am wanting to read the other books!

I rated this ⭐️⭐️

On my second read through! 

So as you guys know if you’ve been following my goodreads updates, I started to fall in love with Skyler and Logan in the other stories rather than in their own. I don’t know whether I maybe wasn’t in the mood for this when I first read it and I was just maybe a tad grumpy. So I gave it a second chance to see if my feelings had changed.

So this time already fell in love with Skyler and Logan and I did like them and their relationship and I did finally connect with them I think that had more to do with the other stories but I did connect with them. Which was a good idea! I did still thin that although I liked their relationship I did think some of the relationship problems they had was just for drama, it wasn’t really needed this could have stood on it’s own with the plot of Billy and Troy the relationship drama just wasn’t needed. I still didn’t like Skyler’s view on sex and relationship it just felt like she had commitment issues and that showed through the relationship problems. I loved the family aspect that they built and where the Monday lunches were born for all the other characters to come.

I understood Troy’s motive for what he did and I completely understand that and it worked with his character, I didn’t understand Billy’s motive for letting what happened happen so far. (Trying to do that without spoiling.) So I was little confused as to why Billy was doing what he did.

Other than that the plot kept me hooked this time and I actually really enjoyed the story. I have no idea whether I just wasn’t in the mood for it but much better this time around.

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