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Cayleth Warding and The Scarlet One – Jessica Hernandez

Fifty-three families looking for a new beginning board a ship and sail to an uninhabited island. Happily they live for nearly two decades. Homes are built and the past is forgotten. Paradise, however, is no more after the adults suddenly vanish one night. For three years, the teens and children rule the island of Oridd. For three years, they survive. When an old woman unexpectedly appears on Oridd, all is cast into disarray as the strange and awful threaten to become commonplace. The old woman wants something, and she won’t leave until she gets it. 

I would like to thank the author Jessica Hernandez for sending me an arc of this book! This is the 3rd book I have read of hers. I read her duology The Hawk of Stone and I absolutely loved it and I did fall in love with her writing too. So I expected no different with this one! And I did! I fell in love with this book it wowed me, there was some points where I was like okay what’s going off but overall it was amazing.

The supernatural gifted aspect was very confusing for me when it came to the scarlet one, I was so confused but I loved it. I liked not really having a clue about it because it reflected what the characters were feeling too so I thought that was great!

Halfway through this I kind of guessed why the parents disappeared well I thought I did and then it just went a completely different way I’m trying to be vague so you aren’t spoiled but oh my I did not expect it! I thought I had a grasp on what was happening and then it was like spun on it’s head and it was bloody brilliant! I did not expect that to happen and it was so good!

I really liked how in the first few chapters we got a lot of information about the world and what has happened it was so good and the world building in this book was A+ it was fantastic I got so engrossed into the world.

I really enjoyed the relationship between Corelle and Cayleth and it was some of my favourite parts in the book!

I really really want to go into more detail but you guys should go and read this book! You will not be disappointed. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I may end up doing a spoilery review because I just need to gush about this!

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