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Twisted Devotion – Jessi Elliot

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Being responsible for the survival of someone you loathe really dwindles all hope for a fresh start.

Kelsey Young is ready to leave Rockdale—and the darkest parts of her life—in the past. After barely escaping the massacre of her foster family and taking down the evil behind The Experiment, she wants nothing more than to relocate and start over.

That is, until the fae leaders offer a reward too good to refuse, derailing her plans in the process. Kelsey agrees to put her future on hold to protect an arrogant creature with far too much charisma for his—or her—own good.

While she’s no stranger to the rumors of Jackson Hawthorne, she is new to his charm. And soon, she finds it nearly impossible to resist—especially when he makes no effort to hide his blatant desire for her.

Tensions run high as Jackson’s well-being is threatened by angry fae and humans alike with a mission to destroy his business—and him.

But temptations run even higher after Kelsey swears to safeguard his life—even on the days she wants to kill him herself. And what about his heart—or hers? When they find common ground in new territory, lines blur, defenses crumble, and devotion begins to outweigh duty.

I’d like to thank Enticing Journey and Jessi Elliot for sending me an e-arc it is very much appreciated. So I loved Twisted Fate, Twisted Gift and Twisted Desire I loved all of them so I was very much expecting high expectations went it came to this book and it didn’t let down.

We met Jackson in Twisted Desire and all he wanted in reward for helping with the war and providing people, all he wanted was one of the clinics to keep so he can turn fae that went to be human. It has a lot of controversary surrounding him keeping a clinic so much so he has to have round the clock protection from the death threats. Jackson was hella charming.

Kelsey is the person chosen to guard Jackson, we see her very torn and wanting to escape for some time away, afterall she had a lot of trauma and she’s only been a fae for a limited time after Tristan saved her. I really liked Kelsey she was great! Kelsey really made me laugh a few times through this book she was hilarious.

So we start this book with learning that Tristan and Aurora had a little baby whilst they were gone and he is the cutest thing and I love the idea that they get their happy ever after with them and a baby and it’s so cute!

Jackson finds a way to annoy everyone in this book and he certainly knows how to press other people’s buttons and honestly it makes me chuckle so much.

So Jessi definetely stepped herself up in terms of her writing game especially when it comes to the sex scenes in this book because it was hot. There is a particular scene where Kelsey and Jackson are in seperate bedrooms and are masterbating to the sound of each other and honestly it was written so good!

Kelsey and Jackson were really cute together and honestly they made the cutest of couples and I loved the challenge that they set with each other. I love it when characters make a challenge with each other that you know they are both going to fail especially when the bet is if Kelsey is going to give in and have sex with Jackson.

I felt so bad hearing Kelsey talk to Jackson about her foster family and having them all murdered and then her being on her own and then waking up fae. Hearing her say it was so tragic and my heart broke for her that little bit more.

Jackson is great at seducing people, like the man is a bloody god. Even I would be okay being seduced by that man. Jessi is a great writer especially when it’s comes to sex scenes.

So we discover that Seth Kelsey’s friend and the person she walked with in book 3 is using Jackson’s services and actually wants to become human. This was such a hard istuation Kelsey wanted him to be safe but wasn’t sure how to support him knowing the risks that come with trying to be human. I really liked their friendship and that eventually she learnt to accept that he wanted to be human and helped him recover from the process.

When Kelsey discovered her foster brother was murdered my heart broke for her, the pain she felt I just wanted to give her a hug and hold her very tightly.

I loved this book, I love Kelsey and Jackson they were very cute together and I loved the ending that he was willing to give up everything to be with her. I think these two could possibly have taken over my favourite couple from the series. They were adorable.

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