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Axe – Ruby Carter

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Dani Cooper is a small woman with big ambitions… and even bigger worries.

Determined to escape her past, Dani throws herself into her dream of becoming a tattoo artist, but quickly finds herself falling into the lap of Axe Cole, bad boy biker and president of the Devil’s Reapers MC. Though she finds herself instantly drawn towards him, past experiences keep her from giving in – until it becomes clear that fate has other ideas.

When a traumatic event finds Dani leaning on Axe harder than ever, old rivalries reignite, and a terrifying threat looms, Axe finds himself faced with a choice: follow his heart and give himself to the woman he loves, or protect his Pixie by walking away for good.

Will Axe and Dani’s relationship survive, or will the revelation that their lives are more intertwined than even they know prove too great?

**This is an extended edition of my debut novel – the first in Devil’s Reapers MC series – Axe. Boasting a whole host of new content and reimagined scenes inspired by my true life experiences.**

**Please note this story is semi autobiograpical and is very graphic regarding sex/violence/death.**

So I felt very disappointed after I finished reading this, for me it felt like something was missing and it didn’t feel like it was well established. The book was very fast-paced and I think at times it was too fast paced. There was a few times where I had to reread passages because it was like I would blink and miss something. I think the pacing needs to be woorked out.

I really liked Dani and her story, the abuse written in this book is semi autobiographical and there is passages in the diary and personal thoughts from the author herself that was written amazing and it really hit me in the feels. I liked the progress she made in dealing and coping with her abuse my only wish is that there was more of it, I wanted to see her progress through the journey of her recovery and I really wanted to see that.

Axe and Dani was very insta-lovey I do have to say the way they met was very cute and I was all for that falling into his lap because that was very cute. Also the dirty talk that was very hot and written again very well!

So we see a great female friendship in this between Zara and Dani and I really liked that and how when Dani was feeling insecure Zara was right there propping her friend back up and being like ‘girl you better than what his shitty ass said’ and I really liked that part of their relationship. I also like her and Jake’s relationship and how he cares for her giving her a job and Zara is teaching her to tattoo and it was good. I do have a slightly issue and at times I felt the friendship was used very convientantly at times.

That being said I felt the author really missed her chance to explore some of the other characters again unless that comes in her next books I don’t know but it was kind of like I had not attachment to the characters and that is part of my problem with this book. I felt zero attachment to the characters, and I’ve always said when rating the books I read that it’s based on my enjoyment and how I feel about the characters and I just really didn’t really care. I mean when the shit was going down in this book I was like ooo that’s getting interesting and then it was over. I’ve read my fair share of MC books and I think my biggest thing with them is I have to care about the characters.

The plot was interesting it’s actually what kept me reading rather than my character enjoyment this time. I felt that the author written the big scene very well and there was enough mini eggs in this book for you to see where it’s going.

I will probably read the other two books in this series because I’m curious to see how I feel about them compared to this book so we will see!

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