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Mayhem's Desire – Lindsay Cross

His traumatic past has left him dark… and longing for love. 

Hicks thinks good and evil comes in black and white. No blurred lines, no grey areas. After being subjected to a horrific experiment that’s left him damaged as a super soldier, Hicks seeks comfort from his torment in reliability. He’s got clear rules on morality and isn’t willing to break them.

Until her. 

Whitney is a seductress. Secretly working for a Senator as a mistress, she puts on leather outfits and a mask of sensuality to bend men to her will— though the money she makes doing so isn’t to save her, but others. Whitney believes she’s past saving, and that love is a silly dream. 

Then he enters her life. 

Hicks is sickened by what he thinks Whitney is — and undeniably attracted to her. After Whitney’s life is threatened in a violent murder attempt, Hicks calls in his team. Whitney is the target of a government operation, and unless Hicks can discover who’s behind it, Whitney’s life is forfeit. 

But the mission isn’t the only thing on Hicks’ mind. 

Whitney and Hicks can’t keep their hands off each other… but they can’t stand each other, either. Whitney isn’t the innocent woman Hicks thought, and Hicks isn’t the strong hero Whitney’s looking for. But together, the heat of their romance and the passion of their love cannot be stopped. 

Can Hicks rescue Whitney from a tragic end? Or will the lovers lose everything against incredible odds? 

So you know I went down a deep hole, and that hole continues. So from Lindsay Cross, I have read a lot of books and if you want to read my reviews click the titles. Redemption River (Men of Mercy #1)Resurrection River (Men of Mercy #2)Reckless River (Men Of Mercy #3)Ravaged River (Men of Mercy #4)Rebellious River (Men of Mercy #5)Ravished River (Men of Mercy #6)Revenge River (Men Of Mercy #7)Mercy and Mayhem (Men of Mercy #8)(Operation Mayhem 0.5) and then finally Mayhem’s Warrior (Operation Mayhem #1)

So this is technically the second book in the Operation Mayhem series and I loved it. This one focuses on Hicks who is also part of the Operation Mayhem team. 

Whitney was very smart, I felt so bad for her when she found out somebody was trying to ruin her life, well more so get her killed. She was trying to make the world better and then that happens getting in the middle of it. She was smart, sassy and I loved her.

Hicks was strong headed and was very strong-willed. I loved Hicks the way he felt so protective Whitney and yet at times really disliked her. Whitney and Hicks were definitely an interesting couple, you could tell their attraction the moment they met. I loved how they both fought the attraction between each other. 

The tension in the overarching plot that goes through this series, with every book the tension is growing and it’s getting hella tense. 

I think my thing was as much as I loved Hicks and Whitney I needed more of them, actually I think that’s the case with all of Lindsay’s characters I tend to want more like they could be doing anything and I could be happy. 

It was interesting learning a little bit more about doctor Melissa too and her sister. I loved seeing the other characters and it was nice to see them bonding as a group. And being normal especially as they are slowly re-entering the normal world. 

I loved this, the story characters. Everything about it.

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