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Reliving Fate – Natasha Preston

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When Bella stumbles upon her dead sister’s diary, she sets out on a mission to find her sister’s killer, but it leads her to the wrong side of town.

And right into the path of Rocco, a loner, a bad boy, who is determined to keep her away. After all, you protect your own, and Bella certainly doesn’t belong with the likes of him.

But it’s hard to move on when you’re chained to the past, and Bella is intent on getting justice for her sister…even if it’s at the cost of her own life.

Oh man. This book. Before I even get into it I would like to thank Natasha and her PA Kim for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated. So now that is done this book oh it is the most beautiful and heartbreaking book I have read. When I started this I honestly thought it was going to be a slightly fluffy cute read and it was that but it was so much more. This is a non-spoiler review so sorry if I’m a bit cryptic I don’t want to spoil it for you.

We follow Bella who is trying to discover who murdered her sister and whilst she is trying to discover this she meets Rocco. From the moment we met Rocco I fell in love with him immediately, he had a slightly cocky attitude and the first time they meet although he is cocky he was still slightly concerned that Bella was in the bad part of town so late at night. The banter and I wouldn’t really call it arguing more like sniping made me fall in love with the two of them so fast, and the fact that both of them kind of bounced off each other throughout the story made it even better. The relationship between them just grew and although it changed from being friends to in a relationship to eventually saying I love you, they still had the banter (even funnier when it came to meeting the parents) but it was my favourite thing about the novel. I’ve said before that for me it is always about the characters and these two were the perfect characters. I have so much more I want to ramble but I feel like I’m going to repeat myself. I finished this last night so coherent thoughts are still all over the place.

The way Bella opens up to Rocco about her sister’s death it was so lovely especially for the most part she had been very closed off with him in terms of her family and her life. And she tried to get as much as possible out of Rocco so her opening up to him it was such a different side of Bella especially as she always tries to be strong and doesn’t like to show her weakness really. So it was really lovely watching her open up and tell him what happened to her sister.

Bella’s family I understand that they are super over protective because of what happened to their daughter and just want what is best for them, but you would think they would want them to be happy. Bella struggles with the relationship with her sister and parents, it was good seeing the effect of losing someone on a family and how you could either express it or hold it in. But I totally thought that they were very judgemental when it came to Bella and her choices especially in terms of university as well as her relationship. They like to compare her to her twin a lot whether they mean to I don’t know but they also bring up that she is jealous of her.

For once a man that doesn’t use the bad childhood excuse to be a total dickhead, Rocco could be a twat at times but he wasn’t a dickhead, he didn’t emotionally blackmail or abuse her (which seems to be a theme in those books with bad childhoods) despite how he earned his money other than working at the garage he was really sweet and caring towards her even with the slutty jokes. Rocco was just perfect I’m in love with him.

I loved this book I want to talk more but that means spoilers and it was really hard writing this without spoiling you guys so I’m probably going to do a spoiler one later on. But this book was heartbreakingly beautiful and I do think this probably just became my top book of 2017. But oh I love it. I also cried I can’t tell you why though! You should all definitely check this book out! You will not regret it!

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