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Shade – Jamie Begley

Want, need, pain, and joy were emotions Shade had never known existed before Lily. He knew the first time he saw her face that she was going to change his life forever. The thing he hadn’t expected was how hard it would be to hide who and what he was from her. Each step he took out of the shadows revealed more of himself, until only one secret remained. Shade arrogantly believed he could help heal the wounds from her past, but now it was his own past that was trying to tear them apart. To keep Lily, Shade would have to use the very skills he had been trying to hide from her. The skills that made him a killer … a soulless monster.

So I started this by reading Razer’s RideViper’s Run and Knox’s stand and Sex PistonTeasedTaintedShade’s FallKingCash’s Fight, Fat Louise, Riot and now Shade. I would highly reccommend reading it in the order I have just put above because the series is so much better that way! You get all sides and it is just fantastic!

This will contain spoilers.

So as you know we’ve already had a Shade and Lily book and that was brilliant and this one was just as good! This book spans from the moment Shade saw Lily to being old and dead and this book hit me in the bloody feels all the way through. I mean although we see everything happen in this world up to that point in Shade’s point of view. I was there for it. I loved it. We got to see so much more of Shade’s personality and oh my god it did not bloody disappoint.

I love his and Evie’s friendship. We saw some of it in Evie’s book but damn this book really showed it and oh my god. The lengths that these two go for each other and the bond they have with each other makes my heart melt. I only wish I had a friend as good as these two. I also love that Evie is more than willing to annoy Shade in front of Lily no matter the consequences. Also that no matter how much time passes Shade will always be there for Evie.

I love reading things from Shade’s point of view and revisiting everything that has happened since book 1, like it’s very interesting to see his perspective and how he for the most part is always involved setting things in motion or protecting the brothers. Shade’s loyalty is nothing that anyone can fault.

I love Lucky. That will never change. I also liked that we had a few extra scenes between him and Shade.

Shade legit is the only person that could piss someone off and then ask said person for a favour.

I love Penni. Penni is a golden egg in all of these books she is hilarious and so funny. I really can’t wait for Penni’s book because it’s going to be a good one. I also love her and Shade’s relationship, that he can manipulate his sister but she also can catch onto it pretty fast with him. I love how she loves to wind him up as well but also knows when to listen to him.

I love how Shade notices everything when it comes to Lily.

I find it hilarious that Shade just watches the other brothers for enjoyment and that he does also makes bets at the other brothers’ expense for example when we’re re-seeing Knox’s book, Shade makes a bet whether the squirrel lived or not. Then they send Evie to get Knox drunk and find out the truth. I just love that despite them all knowing Shade they still can get pulled into his traps and then uses stuff to his advantage.

Oh god Shade seeing Lily in hospital broke my heart, I don’t remember it being quite so emotional in the original book damn that scene broke me. Especially because then Beth goes and gives Shade her blessing to date Lily and it was perfect. Then to really hit the feels when Shade is in the hospital waiting for Lily to wake up. He has to listen to her suffer as she has nightmares about her past and god damn that was heartbreaking and I love that all he wanted to do was take Lily in his arms and protect her.

I really love the new stuff that we have added in on their story it adds so much to all the other characters in the book.

I really like how soft Shade can be yet he hides it from everyone especially because for those he likes he is willing to go to the end of the earth for them.

I love how Lily is jealous about sharing everything with the others. She so cute, also that it took Shade a little bit to catch on is also slightly amusing. But I also love that as soon as he clicks on he realises what Lily really means and I just love their relationship so much.

The wedding is perfect, there was nothing more perfect for Shade and Lily and I love it.

“Last Riders. We ride.”

I do believe I highlighted this quote in their other book but damn the chills still come every time I read it.

I love Shade giving Lucky shit about Willa, it’s so funny how he’s championing for them to get together. I also love Lucky and Willa.

Fat Louise babysitting baby John is so adorable, also the fact in a storm when a tree fell and broke Shade and Lily’s house she was willing to still protect baby John with everything she had. I love that little bond there.

Wow the shock of Paul Beth’s daddy being alive. But damn the men is sick as fuck but also the shock when Lily shoots Brooke like damn…. The shock! But also I loved that whole scene Beth wanting to protect Lily from being hurt.

Epilogue 1 & 2 was extremely cute and I was there and ready for that. What I wasn’t ready for is Epilogue 3. WHO INVITED YOU? Like it broke my heart, it just wasn’t needed having them die together I mean that was cute. But you know epilogue 3 wasn’t needed! I could have just been happy without it.

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