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Fat Louise – Jamie Begley

She needed a hero; instead, she got Cade.

Cade was no hero. He was a nomad, a wanderer with no ties and he liked it that way. Hired out to save Fat Louise and her spoiled sister from a cartel run Mexican city was a risk he was willing to take, for the right price. With a certain gray eyed woman on his mind, he set’s out to find her, fuck her and forget her. No harm, no foul. But it’s all easier said than done when it comes to this plain Jane.

He expected a biker bitch who knew the rules; instead, he got Fat Louise.

Fat Louise wasn’t about to put her crew in danger. She had to learn to handle problems on her own, even if they included a six-foot biker she was forced to rely on, if she was going to rescue her sister. She never expected to see Cade again after she’d left Mexico, but all it takes is one night with him to prove that even a bitch’s heart can be broken.

So I started this by reading Razer’s RideViper’s Run and Knox’s stand and Sex PistonTeasedTaintedShade’s FallKing, Cash’s Fight and now Fat Louise. I would highly reccommend reading it in the order I have just put above because the series is so much better that way! You get all sides and it is just fantastic!

This will contain spoilers.

So Fat Louise has always been the quiet one really out of Sex Piston’s crew and in this book you see her in a whole different light including learning her name is Jane. I loved Fat Louise she was so sassy and oh my god I love her because she honestly loves food as much as I do and it was perfect.

Cade. Well he was a dickhead. There’s no other way to describe him, I mean he has a little bit of redeeming qualities but for the most part he’s a complete and utter dickhead. It was only when he started letting people into his life and his heart that I started to see that behind it all the man was nice. I mean it took a while to reveal that part of him. I also love the road name that he got given which was Traveler.

Jane’s commitment to her sister is amazing. I know I wouldn’t do that for my sister. Like especially for a sister that treats her like shit too! Like honestly Fat Louise is a much better person than anyone else.

I love Sex Piston and her crew, they are the real MVPS, I love how they all stick up for each other and just the respect they have each other is amazing. Also that they’re willing to defend Fat Louise at any point. I love it. Honestly so much throughout this book I was like yep, these girls are the best. The Last Riders don’t know what they’re missing! Although Train does know ;).

Bailey is so fucking delusional unbelievable. When Cade and Fat Louise do finally track her down in Mexico she thinks her husband is a nice man and not raping other people despite what Cade and Fat Louise has seen. Bailey is so damn selfish in this book I wanted to strangle her so many times again karma hit her very fast in this book and she got what she deserved. I also find it hilarious that not even Cade can stand Bailey which I think says a lot about Bailey.

I fucking love Killyama the girl is amazing. I love that she is willing to do anything for her friends. Even willing to get The Last Riders involved to help save Fat Louise from Mexico. Honestly that scene with Killyama, Rider, Viper, Train and Shade saving their ass will be one that stays in my memory forever because it was just so cool and I love it!

It’s horrendous that Jane has such a bad view of herself, I just wanted to wrap her in a hug and squeeze her tight. I can completely understand why she does have such a bad view of herself when she’s had to deal with Bailey, her mum and her step-mum all calling her names. I can see why she has such a bed view but I love her. I love that Cade gets so angry about the way she views herself.

This book also deals with a miscarriage, Fat Louise sadly suffers a miscarriage and honestly it breaks my heart. Especially when we see her with Lily who is also pregnant and she feels the loss even more. I love that Lily tries to make her feel better by letting her be the godmother. I loved it so cute.

Wow Jane’s dad is a proper dickhead who actually answers a question to which daughter he would Cade to pick if it came down to it. Like what an actual dickhead. I must say Jane’s dad and her shithead of a sister get a nice amount of karma by the end of this book.

I will say one moment that did stand out is when Cade disappears he left a note but somebody removed it. It is revealed that he got a call from Fat Louise’s dad and revealed that Bailey had tried to run back into Mexico and her dad followed and then sadly they were both killed by Bailey’s husband. Cade although he doesn’t like Bailey and her father still goes to try and save them but he was too late. Honestly I love that although he couldn’t stand them he is willing to do anything for Fat Louise.

Okay so the first time I read this I think I rated it like 4 stars, but on reading it again my rating has dropped. I didn’t enjoy this book as much, I love Fat Louise but you know I just didn’t enjoy it this time. It didn’t blow me away it was just cute and okay.

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