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Redemption River – Lindsay Cross

Hunter James didn’t want or need redemption.
Until one mission turns his world upside down.
He left Mercy to fight for his country and escape a broken heart. Years later, he is hard. Cold. A man without mercy. Part of an elite Task Force, he tracks a brutal terrorist to his home town. And runs into the woman who betrayed him…
Evangeline Videl was destroyed when Hunter left. Determined to move on, she finds another man, but discovers too late the monster hidden beneath his smooth smile. Struggling to find the conviction to live, Evie finds her life spinning out of control.
Then Hunter returns…
Forced to band together to find the terrorist before its too late, Hunter and Evie must learn to forgive or risk losing the promise of redemption and their lives… 

So after reading an arc of Rebellious River, I was hooked with Lindsay Cross’ writing and then I instantly went and downloaded all the books from this series. This book was amazing! I fell in love with her world, her characters and her plot! It was just fantastic. (I don’t think I’ve gushed about a book this bad before. It honestly is just the best thing I’ve read this year I think.)

Anyway, I really liked Hunter, his bluntness was many things I loved about him, as well as his alpha maleness. I felt so bad for him sometimes because he was carrying so much pain through what happened with Shane. He held so much in and I felt so bad for him sometimes. I loved that he also had a soft side. I also thought from the moment he went back home and saw Evie he was still in love with her.

Evie, damn she was a strong ass female and I loved it. I loved that she tried to defend her mum from her crazy asshole ex. The way she also like Hunter tried to put everything on her shoulders. I really enjoyed how both Evie and Hunter were as a couple. He was so protective of her and it was so cute. Evie was especially strong as she went through a domestic violence relationship and for it to come up on top and stronger than ever was really good.

Hunter is great at his job, like the way he moved in those action-packed scenes, as well as taking command of his team. It was amazing. I also loved that he was willing to do whatever it took to get Evie back from her asshole ex. Marcus was such an asshole, I don’t think I’ve hated a character as much as I did him. The way he treated Evie was absolutely disgusting and some of the scenes when he had taken Evie.

I loved the action-packed scenes in this novel and it was so well written, it was an amazing story and characters and plot! The story is extremely fast paced and the sex scenes are very well written, I really enjoyed Lindsay’s writing. I fell in love with this series and I cannot wait to read more!

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