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How To Be Bad – E. Lockhart

When you’ve had enough of being good, sometimes you’ve got to be a little bad… 

Jesse, Vicks and Mel could not be more different. 

Jesse is as thoughtful as she is uptight, and keeping a secret she knows will change her life forever. 

Vicks is a wild-child, seemingly o so confident, but also anxious about her absent boyfriend. 

Mel is the new girl in town – the rich kid, needing to get over some of her fears and find some friends. 

But Jesse, Vicks and Mel have one thing in common: they’re desperate to get the heck out of Niceville and discover their true badass selves. One ‘borrowed’ car later and it’s time to hit the road.

Let the bad times roll…

I love the description of this book back when I did buy this book almost a year ago, it just sounds like a good fun novel and it was what I wanted. I hadn’t heard many things about this novel, I did hear loads of things about her other novel We Were Liars which was a disappointment. But nothing from this one so I was really interested in discovering how this novel was and why I didn’t maybe hear as much about it as her other one.

I brought this book on a whim and I don’t regret it because I loved it, for some reason, I don’t find many books where the girls are nice to each other and they have such a strong friendship bond which is what this story has. I loved the whole concept of the friendship group that was presented in this book, and even the arguments between the friends I do believe that they did a very good representation of the ups and downs for friends especially girls too. I think girls and boys friendships are different so it was definitely nice seeing just a group of girls friendship group.

Jesse, at first she was very annoying to me, I remember like 100 pages in I wrote a goodreads status saying she was annoying the fuck out of me. I think what made her a little more annoying is the fact she just preaching god and telling Vicks that was bad for having sex and going planned parenthood. It wasn’t the religious aspect of her that I hated to me it just seemed like she was pushing it down their throats and I just I hated it. As the book got on I did try and ignore the god part which helped a lot and I did begin to care about her and like her a lot more. Especially how she warmed to Mel and how she was trying to fix things with Mel and Marco and Vicks and Brady. That part of her personality I loved. She didn’t come without flaws, it was sad that she kept her mother’s illness away from her friend until the very end of the novel.

Vicks, she is so funny her and Jesse just click and the fact she was willing to try and accept a new friend into the friendship group – without really meaning to. Vicks has the attitude of I don’t care and throughout the book, we begin to see that crack the more she gets consumed with thoughts of her boyfriend who moved away to university. It was so interesting seeing the two sides between her, the side that was strong funny and didn’t have a care in the world, and then her softer side the one who wanted to be with Brady and didn’t want him to move on without her.

Mel, she is a rich girl described at first and the only reason why Jesse lets her go on the road trip is to pay for stuff because she is rich. I felt sorry for her but she knew it straight away and she just wanted to try and make friends. I liked Mel from the moment we saw her in the story although it was from Jesse’s point of view and at the time she didn’t like her, the more we got to know her and some of Mel’s POV she was so down to earth and all she wanted was friends. I did feel like the self-esteem she had for herself so sad the fact that she felt that because of her past it was so sad, and it made me really happy when she began to learn not all people are like the ones that she encountered in her past.

This I believe is my first road trip novel I have read and I thoroughly enjoyed it, something about it being on the road makes it ten times funnier. Like the jokes they told when I was reading this book I was smiling and it did get a few out loud chuckles.

My only criticism for this book is I felt like Mel’s story wrapped it brilliant, Vicks story did, but Jesse, I felt like the author just forgot to finish her ending, and it really put a damper of my love of this book and I wish we could have a little more about Jesse’s ending because we got loads of opening with Penn and we don’t get to know what happens whens he talks to her mother. So much could have been added and I don’t understand why it wasn’t, the book was just about 300 pages so there could have been more.

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