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Unforgiven – Lauren Kate


So this is a spin off to the Fallen series, but it is also known as Fallen #5. I loved the Fallen series and my only problem with that was the ending. If you have looked at my other posts of Waterfall and Teardrop you will see my rant of her endings, she did it in Fallen too. So I love Lauren Kate but I HATE her endings, but this one wasn’t awful I didn’t hate it. I loved it! But I will get onto that in the later part of this review.

Also I love the cover, but I really didn’t care this time, I mean it’s beautiful but played no part in liking this book or even picking it up. I just love Lauren Kate (not her endings) So picking up this book was a no brainer!

So Unforgiven is based on Cam and his love Lilith, Cam makes a deal with Lucifer to see Lilith once more. And he does but then he makes another deal. Cam has 15 days, two weeks to make Lilith fall in love with him again. She is being tortured through multiple versions of a reality where she hates it and hates everything. Including Cam. She doesn’t know what he did she doesn’t remember what he did but she hates him.

So Cam trying to make her fall in love with him, seems very impossible. Which you know it made great comedy. Seeing them both banter back and forth it made me laugh I loved it, it made the book more enjoyable. Along with the fact Lucifer begins to also mess in this current reality they are in, and to try and make Lilith hate Cam even more than she does.

Lilith does hate Cam a lot and when everything goes wrong for her, she tends to blame Cam and in some cases it is Cam’s fault. But other times she was just blaming him unnecessarily which still funny to see Cam’s reaction.

As you can say they are in a high school so they all have their own high school drama with your mean girl who just bullies Lilith but then like majority of these they are soon solved. Lilith is the one who helps the bully with creating a song. The song is for a competition battle of the bands that they are both competing on, so I thought that ending to the bully route was amazing. There was no spite.

Throughout the end of the book Lilith begins to remember why she hates Cam and it is revealed that he said he wouldn’t marry her in a church due to the fact he was a fallen angel. Only she did know that. So when he said no to marrying in the church she thought he meant no overall and she then makes a bet with Lucifer to try and win him back. I’m sure somewhere it said about her killing herself (Not sure if that happened or i imagined it… I think it definitely happened)

The ending! AHHH! The ending!!! I loved it, Cam managed to win her love and they got an explanation on what happened back then. And they both get to leave that hell and are free from Lucifer and then she obviously finds out he is a fallen angel and they just go off together. Happily ever after!

It wasn’t a sucky ending like the Fallen series. As I was on Goodreads looking at some of reviews, I thought people were really harsh about this story and some of them hadn’t even read it and just based their thoughts off maybe reading a few books of the Fallen series or just one book or not any at all. I think it is really unfair on the book and the author too. I mean if you have read this book or tried to read it, then I think fair enough put a review up of what you think but when you haven’t read it. I think it’s wrong.

Out of the Fallen series, Cam was a much loved character and I remember loads of people who wanted to know what happened with Cam. So Lauren Kate finally did it, and I loved it. I love Cam and I love this story.

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