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The Girl On The Train – Paula Hawkins


So if you haven’t heard this book, you my dears have not been on this planet. Because this book has had nothing but been spoke about, like I always hear about this book and you have no idea how much this annoys me. Like I was so sick of hearing about this book people were comparing it to Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn so hearing about this just annoyed me. So I decided to see what the fuss was about with this book, and I hate to say this, but it was good… It pains me to say that, like most overhyped books I don’t like. But this one I did and that hurts.

The book had three points of view of Rachel, Megan and Anna, the book starts with just Rachel and Megan’s pov but then by the middle of the book we begin to get Anna’s pov. Starting from Rachel she begins with morning afternoon and evening, and we begin to learn that Rachel has a problem with her drink and it is revealed her husband had an affair during their relationship and also asked her for a divorce. Tom leaves her and then we learn that he is with Anna the person he had the affair with. They have a little girl together and seem to be happy at least they are from Rachel’s pov.

When we get Anna’s we learn that they are not happy, what we believe is that Rachel is bugging him and always ringing in the middle of the night which when we get to the end of the book she figures it all out. Anna learns that it wasn’t always Rachel he was talking to.

Which brings us to Megan. We also get her point of view immediately and all she really does is complain about her marriage and Rachel believes that Megan and Scott who she names Jess and Jason when she is watching them from the train. We discover that Megan is very unhappy and begins to see a therapist about her feelings and stuff like that. We then learn that she does in fact have an affair with her therapist and then with… Wait for it… TOM! She is having an affair with Tom, Anna’s husband and Rachel’s ex-husband.

This all comes about when the police begin searching for a missing Megan and then they slowly begin to believe that she is dead and has been murdered by Scott who the therapist said she was scared of him and emotional abused. They soon do discover her body and then slowly it says who is the killer.

I am not going to kill you a killer. I am not going to spoil this I really think you should read it if you haven’t already. All I can say is I guessed it, i had an inkling who it was like from the middle of the story. Just some of the things this murder did was a little dodgy and I thought it was him. And turns out I was right thankfully. Usually I’m so wrong at these things. But I was right hallelujah.

The plot was very good it got me going to the next page straight away and I just wanted to keep reading and I did and then it ended. I must say it has a really satisfying ending and I can’t tell you what that is because it will spoil the murder bit…

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