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Teardrop and Waterfall – Lauren Kate

Never, ever cry…

Seventeen-year-old Eureka won’t let anyone close enough to feel her pain. After her mother was killed in a freak accident, the things she used to love hold no meaning. She wants to escape, but one thing holds her back: Ander, the boy who is everywhere she goes, whose turquoise eyes are like the ocean. And then Eureka uncovers an ancient tale of romance and heartbreak, about a girl who cried an entire continent into the sea. Suddenly her mother’s death and Ander’s appearance seem connected, and her life takes on dark undercurrents that don’t make sense. Can everything you love be washed away?

I decided I would review these books together considering they are in a series and I’ll probably just end up talking about them together rather than keeping Teardrop and Waterfall in separate reviews. So this is not the first time I have come across Lauren Kate. I have read the Fallen Series and loved it, except you know the ending.

That was the problem here. The ending. I really hope there is another book coming because that didn’t feel like and ending. So I really do hope there is another book because if not then I am really disappointed with Teardrop series.

So to start off with Teardrop when I read the prologue I was a little confused, I don’t even know why but I was. And then I got into it again and stopped being confused. I loved Ander’s character although his character is a little stalkerish it’s still a good one. Eureka kind of annoyed me through this book. Like she was just switching between Ander and Brooks and it was just like what the fuck, just make your mind up. She was just playing with them both and she wouldn’t listen to anyone.

Eureka and her family, usually I tend to be on the character’s side, this time I wasn’t. I thought she was just being mean about her family, especially her step-mother, like I know most people don’t like it when a parent remarries but I feel like Eureka was just mean without reason. Her step-mother and father just wanted to help her and she was pushing everyone away because they wasn’t her mum. So that really annoyed me about her.

I feel like this is just a list of my complaints about these books.

Cat. I loved Cat. She is the friend everyone wants, she was so funny and I loved her so much, she was a good friend to Eureka and was always there when they needed each other, or when Cat needed her so she could find a cute guy. So I did love Cat’s character it was amazing.

I loved the plot well the idea of it, then if Eureka cried her tears would drown the world, so I did love that idea. But I find some faults about it as always. Just her mum slapping her and telling her not to cry. Surely better way to go around this then slapping her, but it did get her to not cry again so I suppose it worked until she cried. But I felt there was better ways to go around this than that. And the fact her mum knew what she could possibly be and didn’t even try to explain to her or her dad. I felt like her mum should have done that. Warned her, or been more helpful in her letter rather than sending her daughter on a dangerous thing to get that book translated. But other than those few problems I loved it, like the whole idea of what Lauren Kate was trying to do.

Now that’s all I want to say about Teardrop so I don’t give some stuff away.

Onto Waterfall.

Eureka’s tears have flooded the earth, and now Atlantis is rising, bringing with it its evil king, Atlas. Eureka is the only one who can stop him, but first she must learn how to fight. She travels across the ocean with Cat, her family, and Ander, the gorgeous and mysterious Seedbearer who promises to help her find Solon, an enigmatic lost Seedbearer who knows how to defeat Atlas.

Once on land, Eureka is taunted by gossipwitches, a group of displaced Atlantean sorceresses, and ambushed by locals struggling to survive amid the destruction her tears have wrought. And she feels no closer to facing Atlas or saving the world when Solon lets slip that love is Ander’s weakness, and that any affection he feels toward her makes him age faster.

Trying to make sense of the dark world her sorrow has created, Eureka receives startling insight from an enchanted pond. Her bewildering reflection reveals a soul-crushing secret: if she’s strong enough, Eureka can draw on this knowledge to defeat Atlas—unless her broken heart is just what he needs to fuel his rising kingdom…

How much loss can this girl handle? How much loss can her twin siblings handle? They lose their mum at the end of the 1st book and then they lose their dad in 2nd book?! What sick fate are you pulling Lauren Kate. I would have preffered it if the dad had lived rather than the twins being parentless at 4 years old. Well they basically have no one but the witches at the end of the book which really annoyed me.

As you can see my problem with this book is the ending, up until the ending I loved the book and I was up until like 1am still reading wanting to know what happened. I wish I went to bed. Like why does she decide to go with Brooks/Atlas instead or Ander?! Why does she keep denying she isn’t in love with Brooks? Why does she keep pulling Ander along? Why does she just not talk to people?! I really hated the ending it was so disappointing and I really do hope there is another book because this ending was awful. Then as soon as I finished it, I remembered back to the Fallen Series. That had a shit ending.

Then I was like, does Lauren Kate have a thing for shit endings? I’m beginning to think so, because I hated it. It was just they stop it and die,  it just didn’t make sense. It was unfinished in my opinion so they need another book. I tried to google and see if there was going to be another one but I haven’t found anything. So if it is just two books then they go down on my scale. And I just Lauren Kate you can do more! WHY CAN’T YOU DO MORE?!

As you can see I did not appreciate the ending! If you guys have read it tell me what you think! If you haven’t read it, read it then tell me what you think! I am really interesting to see what you think!

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