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Attachments – Rainbow Rowell

So another Rainbow Rowell book, the story of Lincoln who reads emails for his job, to see if they are meant to be flagged red or something. The emails are not meant to be personal and there is all sorts of rules that people at the company aren’t meant to do. But Lincoln he gets attached to these two women who are emailing Beth and Jennifer. And in the end he begins to grow a conscious and realises that what he is doing is wrong and in the end quits his job, it’s nice that they do end up together in the end.

So the plot was something I haven’t read before, at least I don’t think I have. It is very unique which I like about this book, Lincoln was a great character but I think my favourite character has to be Beth and Jennifer and their conversations. Their conversations were amazing and they made me laugh quite a lot especially when Beth was saying that she liked Lincoln and had followed him and things like that. It really did make me laugh, the characters were very comical and what they were saying in the emails it was funny.

You learned about their personalities through these emails and through how they react during relationships and just other life things. You could tell through the book that although they were emailing they were not just good work friends, they were good normal friends. They wanted to know things about each of their lives and they knew each other very well and knew many things about each other which was good.

One of my favourite bits in this book is when they are saying that they don’t care if their emails are being monitored or not even though they have been warned. But when Lincoln writes the note and Beth talks to him again saying that Jennifer wanted to report him (not that it would have mattered due to the fact he had quit his job) but it really did make me laugh, going from I don’t care to suddenly caring about that someone was reading.

I felt like it didn’t have a properish ending in the romance sense but the book was great and I loved it. So unique. But it was fantastic and I really did love this book. I think I might end up reading every Rainbow Rowell book because she is a fantastic author, and you know I love her name too which is also a plus when you like an author. But yes I am definitely going to be reading some more of her books! And I can’t wait.

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