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Elizabeth Is Missing – Emma Healey

So I have heard loads about this book almost all good things, I don’t think I have heard a bad review of this book. And overall this book has been raved about and it does deserve to be raved about, but with all books come problems and I did have a few with this but I don’t know if it was how it was written rather than my issues with the book.

Issue #1: Maud’s family. Her daughter, I don’t know whether they did actually tell her Elizabeth was in hospital and Maud just forgot. But what I got from it is that they didn’t tell her, they just told her that Elizabeth was ok, without giving her any other information. When she talks about they just brush her off and tell her to forget about it. Especially when she is writing notes to herself, her daughter knew she was doing it, so why didn’t she write down on a note saying Elizabeth is ok. Rather than trying to get her to forget. At least at the end, she goes to see Elizabeth again which I am very glad about.

Issue #2: Elizabeth’s Son. For the life of me I cannot remember his name but either way I didn’t like him. How he yelled at Maud, like fair enough she did ring him in the middle of the night but even when she put the advert out for Elizabeth he was just angry, and you could tell that she was losing it slightly. But he still just shouted. So that made me mad. He should be glad that somebody is out there and caring for his mum rather than being angry that she is doing things like that.

Issue #3: THE POLICE! Like I understand wasting police time is a serious offence but the way they treat Maud. I don’t know whether that was just from Maud’s point of view how they were treating her, but you don’t treat old women who are slowly loosing it like that. So it annoyed me.

As I said, I don’t know whether it was the way the book was written or if it was meant to seem like that. But I say that’s how it came over to me and I loved the book don’t get me wrong but those 3 issues up there put me off slightly. It could be how it was written but I don’t know… I just I didn’t like them things that they did.

Now for things I actually did like about this book, start with the bad end with the good.

I loved the entwining of Sukey and Elizabeth’s story line with both of them running side by side and how Maud is thinking about her sister and the fact that her body was never found and she didn’t know what happened to them. But as she is looking for Elizabeth her memory brings up what happened to her sister again. If I’m honest I preferred the Sukey storyline rather than Elizabeth’s. Though they ran side by side I just preferred that one. But they were both very good and I did love how it was written.

Maud’s character did make me laugh although you could say she was kind of loosing it, her character was quite funny and although it was a very serious thing and a very serious topic it was done comically Maud’s character just made it better. I can’t really explain what I mean unless you read it and then you might understand what I meant.

This book isn’t usually what I read so when I read it I was surprised by how much I did actually like it, so I do recommend people read this book. I think they will like it and may have issues like I did.

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