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Shiver – Maggie Stiefvater


So I started reading this book in like end of October beginning of November and I finally finished it this month! The only reason that it took so long was due to the fact that I was at University and forgot to take the book with me so it stayed at home whilst I was at University. So I came home for christmas and finally finished reading it.

A friend recommended me this book like last year and then I finally brought it the beginning of this year, and obviously I didn’t read it straight away. For me it takes a long time to decide which book I want to read so it took me a long time to decide to read this, but I was like let’s give it a try and then I can finally tell my friend I read it.

So at first I hated the title, I didn’t get why you would name a book Shiver but as soon as I started reading it and then realised why it was called Shiver I really liked it, and it made sense. But if you didn’t read the book you wouldn’t realise the significance of the title. So that was my thought about the title of the book.

The plot I love, like on wattpad I read millions of werewolf stories and I really do struggle to find proper published books that are good and are about werewolf, so I really did struggle to find good werewolf books. So the plot it was amazing, it was I just have no words! Ahh!

Grace her character and her obsession with the wolves, I love it, like it’s so sweet and the fact that she was bitten by one and although she didn’t turn into one, she still felt that connection with them. And especially Sam being that they had seen each other before when she was bitten, their connection it made me feel fuzzy inside. It was so nice and the fact even though he was a wolf she was still willing to help him and she felt that she could trust him. It was nice and although that he felt very awkward with her their relationship still worked and I loved it.

Sam. He is everything you could probably want in a person, except the fact you know he turns into a wolf, but if you ignore that he’s perfect. His protectiveness over Grace when she is attacked by someone from his pack. It is so cute. How he feels when he is with Grace is very nice too and also when he nearly changes in front of her, you can tell how much he hates what he turns into where Grace loves what he turns into.

Obviously the book doesn’t just focus around Grace and Sam. There is also Jack, the boy who is killed and then turned into a wolf himself, ok at the beginning I felt sorry for him. When he feels lost and alone and trying to find other people and go where is familiar. But then when he is rude to his sister and then we discover he bites Olivia and then he takes Sam and tries to get Grace to help him. It made me mad. Like HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF ASKING?! Like Sam and the other wolves tried to get him help and he just wasn’t having any of it. But yes I began to really hate Jack and I just wanted him dead. Again.

Next Olivia. She is turned into a wolf by Jack and when they have the cure and she doesn’t want to do it, I couldn’t help but smile a little. She was afraid she would die but she was also afraid of being a wolf, so it was nice that she made the choice to be a wolf still even though that was a big change to her life, she was still prepared to do it. So I really did like the friendship between her and Grace, and I loved the fact Grace knew immediately when something wasn’t right with Olivia, and that my friends. Is friendship. Although they had fell it slightly, Grace still knew and that is something I loved. I loved the friendship between them.

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