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Jane Doe: Scarlett – Kris Calvert

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Left as a newborn to die in a dumpster, she has no name.

Tossed from state run orphanages to a string of foster homes, she has no family.

Growing up hard, fast and street smart, she’s accomplished in hand to hand combat and accurate with a gun. With no money for college, she enlisted in the US Marine Corps out of high school and was quickly plucked from her unit when her sharp shooting and intellectual skills outshined her male counterparts.

With no known past, she is deemed a perfect fit to a task force Washington denies exists. A selective assassin for the United States government, Jane Doe tracks known terrorists on domestic soil.

Dispatched to Atlanta, Georgia with a kill assignment, Jane is tracking number Thirteen on The List. Her cover is secure in the library where she volunteers and her identity quiet until a journalist shows up on a tip to research a name and number she knows well—Three.

Now she’ll be forced to choose between the target she desperately wants to eliminate for personal reasons and the assignment she’s been given, all while keeping the reporter from getting himself killed or worse, falling for Jane.

Possessing a fertile imagination and a penchant for executing improvised but brilliant plans, Jane is a killing machine with ice running through her veins. Every time she goes to a different town, two things are certain: she’ll have a new name and someone is going to die.

I would like to thank The Next Step PR for sending me an earc of this book, this was really good and I loved it. I will definitely be finishing this series! This sounded so interesting and amazing and I just had to sign up for the release and I am so glad I did.

One of the main things about this book I loved was how anon Jane Doe really was, we didn’t really know much about her but when we did learn things about her it was put into the story just at the right time, I didn’t feel like it had any info dumping or way too mysterious that we didn’t have a clue. And when we did learn stuff about her it was needed when it was put in the story. There was no time where we got information about her background that I thought wasn’t necessary. It was nice of what we did learn about her. And once you learn about her friend Jennifer you understand all of her motives a lot more and it makes her seem slightly human she just like her fear of rats rather than a killing machine.

I loved that her targets she referred to them as numbers and not names and I really enjoyed that aspect that they were just a number to her. It just showed how off the books that she was and I just loved it.

There was one scene I loved so much and if you read it I think you will too but it involved Jane threatening an abusive man on the book and I just loved it. It was like everything! But yeah one of my favourite scenes.

I loved the story it kept me so hooked and I will definitely be picking up the other two books in this series because I want to know what happens I want to keep reading about Jane Doe.

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