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Retribution – Wendy Million

As an undercover FBI agent, Kimi is no stranger to life-threatening situations. When her newest assignment leads to the Donaghey brothers, one of Boston’s biggest crime families, Kimi is confident she can handle the pressure.

But as she becomes embroiled in the lives of Finn and Lorcan, she realizes she might not be able to separate her job as Kim from the heart of Kimi quite so easily this time.

On the cusp of a mob war, Kimi must decide who to believe and who to save. Sometimes doing the right thing means doing something very wrong.

Okay so before I actually get into this review I’d like to thank Wendy for sending me a copy of her book for review. It is very much appreciated. Also Wendy thank you for putting up with my disappearing act! She sent me this book back in November and has been totally understanding and lovely over the fact I disappeared slightly and only just getting to post the review now. So thank you very much for understanding Wendy! Anyway onto the actual review of this book!

So this book hooked me in straight away, from the minute I started reading this book I could not put it down. I read this book in one sitting and I loved it.

So we start this book with Kim, an FBI agent, deep down in an undercover assignment with an arms dealer. We soon discover that she will be slowly moving onto an assignment with the Donaghey Brothers using the same cover. I loved Kim straight away, she was so sassy and fierce and damn the woman knew how to do her job well. One thing I did not expect was for Kim and her handler, Malik, to be sleeping with each other.

Lorcan was a very interesting character, I really couldn’t put my finger on him straight away. All I did know was that you could tell the difference between him and his brother. Lorcan was the softer person, he didn’t believe in just killing someone for no reason where as his brother, Finn, did. Lorcan hires Kim to get close to Finn and discover if he killed their dad.

The plot of this story blew me away, when you thought you knew what was finally happening it was like woah another twist or turn. This book kept me on my toes and damn it did a good job of it too. The way it brought the plot together with Kim trying to discover who killed her half-brother and who killed Lorcan and Finn’s dad. It was like pieces of a puzzle all coming together at the end and I still did not guess how this was going to play out. But damn the twists and turns were brilliant! The plot was complex as hell and I loved it. The story was still easy to follow though.

I really liked how Lorcan and Kim worked together, the tension and chemistry between these two were off the charts. And when my babies finally got it on I was like yes. Then I had that sad cold realisation technically they can’t be together because she the FBI. Like it’s doomed before it even starts. I love the game of cat and mouse they were playing with each other as well as adding Finn into the mix and trying to discover the truth it was interesting.

This story was so intense. I do believe one of my notes when writing this down was “intense af” and I was on the edge of my seat but also when we had the nice cute scenes of Kim and Lorcan being together was also cute.

Malik from the beginning of this book is very compromised as Kim’s handler and in the end it is in fact him that blows her cover when there is an extraction to get him safe and out of Finn and Lorcan’s basement. It’s not the only time he almost blows her cover including turning up at her mother’s home when she took a turn for the worse. Malik was just a real liability because he loved Kim.

Awww Finn and Carys broke my heart. We know from the beginning they have some kind of history but it’s not until they’re drinking in the middle of the book that we discover what actually happened with them. Also why Finn is no longer allowed in Ireland. I just love them.

Kim’s family being involved in all this shit?! That was a surprise and one I didn’t expect. It was a complete and utter shock and then the pieces began unravelling and I was like :O. The way the author worked it into the plot was amazing.  

Omg Lorcan and Finn are killing me here. I love that Lorcan tries to send Kim away to try and protect her. That just speaks how much he loves her because there has been numerous times where both Lorcan and Finn have stated the only way you get out is jail or death.

So, I’m not going to talk about the end because you should totally read this book. I know Finn was set up to be the baddie and everything but I love him at the end of this book I still loved him he was just an asshat, like I know we’re slightly meant to hate Finn but I love him. Although an asshat nevertheless.

I really enjoyed Wendy’s writing, it kept me hooked and the book was just easy to read and sucked you in. I will definetely be reading more of Wendy’s books because I think I’m hooked now.

So I must say for the first time in ages I was annoyed when this book ended. I wanted more. I have so many questions that needed answers and then the book ended and I was just so mad and annoyed. I need more. Although it did amuse me because it’s been a while since a book made me annoyed for finishing. I really hope there is another book after this because I need one. I think there is because on goodreads it says book 1. So I am hoping.

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