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High Seas – Casey L. Bond

They told her jumping would bring her home. Either they lied, or something is very wrong with Eve. She jumped to save her friend. She jumped to prevent Enoch from becoming the monster she knew from the future. But she didn’t land there. She landed in 1717. In the middle of the ocean, no less. And for a girl who couldn’t swim? That was the worst place in the world. 

After being saved by a pirate who calls himself Blackbeard, Eve desperately needed to find Enoch, but when she did, she learned that not making it home was the least of her worries. Victor did the unthinkable and used her to accomplish his cruel attack, and she isn’t sure if Enoch will ever forgive her – or if he should. 

Maybe the monster was never him. 

Maybe it’s been her all along. Perfect for fans of The Hunger Games, lovers of pirates, dystopian novels, paranormal romance, science fiction fantasy and time travel stories! 

High Seas is part of The High Stakes Saga. The series should be read in this order: High Stakes, High Seas, High Society, High Noon and High Treason. 

I’d like to thank Lady Amber Tours and Casey L. Bond for an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated! I fell in love with High Stakes which is the first book in this series and I loved it. So I was highly anticipating the second one and it lived up to my expectations. As always I loved Casey’s writing, I love how she can make me feel all the emotions and it’s honestly I love writing that can make me really feel something in their writing.

I loved Eve and Enoch all though time had passed it felt like they were still the same. Except especially Enoch you could tell what happened in 1348 had a big effect on him and his siblings. Their first conversation back together was so hard and stressful and the scene was intense, you could tell that both these characters were hurting and it was such a beautiful scene. I also loved that even after both Eve and Enoch can still have banter with each other. They had a brilliant connection with each other, and you could see how much both of these characters mean to each other.

So Maru I didn’t think he was that important in the first book other than being Eve’s trainer but he became more important during this book. One of the questions he asked honestly blew my mind. I did not even think of that, but I actually can’t say what it was because it will spoil you for this book and I really don’t want that. But it blew my mind along with this whole upgrade business that is going off, it was a wow! Like I can’t believe that they got so many upgrades.

I love Titus, I love the bond between him and Eve they are like siblings, they tease each other and yet they defend each other to their last breath and I love that. Abram the third partner in this little trio he is a monster. It really is irony that he turned into a monster he was trying to stop.

I really could not guess where this story was going, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. The story was gripping and kept me hooked, I cannot wait for the next book in this series. I only wonder where this series can go next and I honestly can’t wait!

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